This stylish feeding station

Create an elevated feeding station out of a stenciled thrift store box with storage underneath to keep spare food. Get tutorial here

A bright tie-dyed doggy bed

Skip the same old pet accessories you could find in stores and get creative with a tie dyed dog bed. Get tutorial here

This humorous welcome mat

Give your guests a heads up that you have a dog before they even knock on your door. Get tutorial here

An (almost) indestructible doggy door

Make a mud flap doggy door that will last for years in any kind of weather. Get tutorial here

This disguised litter box

Brighten up the corner of your home with a faux terracotta planter that is actually your cat’s litter box. Get tutorial here

A convenient puppy dog water station

Keep your pets hydrated with a cute little decorated water station outside. Get tutorial here

This smart pet waste disposal system

Eliminate odors from pet waste with your DIY storage container made from a bucket and screw-on lid. Get tutorial here

A cozy cat perch

Use a plastic paint tray for an easy and safe perch for your beloved cat. Get tutorial here

These little doggy stairs

Make your short pup his own mini steps to get into your bed to cuddle with you. Get tutorial here

A comfy, firm dog bed

Repurpose a crib mattress into a raised dog bed that is supportive and off the ground. Get tutorial here

This crazy fun catio

Assemble an outdoor enclosure for your cats to run around in to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Get tutorial here

A cute braided T-shirt dog toy

Braid your old T-shirts to make a cute familiar dog toy for a fun game of tug of war or fetch. Get tutorial here

This rockstar kitty bed

Build a raised fluffy bed that’ll spoil your kitty and make them feel like royalty. Get tutorial here

An accessible water cup stand

Spoil your cats with a fancy water cup stand so they don’t have to drink from a regular water bowl. Get tutorial here

This adorable cardboard cabin

Turn a cardboard box into a mountain getaway for your kitten for a warm, cozy place to nap. Get tutorial here

A climbable indoor cat tree

Use real branches to construct an indoor tree perfect for climbing. Get tutorial here