Turn an old sweater into a pumpkin

Shrink your sweaters, and then cut them up to make cozy pumpkin decor. Get tutorial here

Spackle a piece of stained wood

Create an adorable spackled wood pumpkin with pretty blue and orange accents. Get tutorial here

Wrap yarn around a Styrofoam ball

Use something natural to stick in the center of your yarn-wrapped pumpkins to form the stalk. Get tutorial here

Stamp a quilt pattern on your wooden pumpkin

Blend the modern shape of your wooden pallet pumpkins with traditional quilting patterns to create contemporary home decor. Get tutorial here

Paint rustic wood pumpkins

Turn wooden blocks into rustic pumpkins for classic fall decor. Get tutorial here

Make a cute framed sign

Glue a pumpkin print to the inside of a frame to make a super cute, seasonal sign. Get tutorial here

Apply floral tattoos to your pumpkins

Transform your pumpkins into works of art without the mess of paint or pumpkin guts using temporary tattoos. Get tutorial here

Cover mini pumpkins with pretty ribbons and lace

Decorate mini Styrofoam pumpkins with ribbons and lace for a pretty way to display your fall decor. Get tutorial here

Upcycle old jeans as pumpkin decor

Create stuffed pumpkins from jeans for an adorable way to repurpose your old denim. Get tutorial here

Turn your pumpkin into a floral arrangement

Dress up a faux pumpkin with beautiful flowers and leaves to create a lovely centerpiece for your table. Get tutorial here

Fill a flour sack with stuffing

Stuff a flour sack to make an adorable, plump pumpkin that’ll perfectly complement the rest of your decor. Get tutorial here

Decoupage napkins on a wooden board

Adhere napkins to strategic parts of a wooden pumpkin, and then paint the rest of it complementary colors for the perfect fall decor piece. Get tutorial here

Make mini pumpkins out of jute twine

Transform a spool of twine, some floral wire, and hot glue into a pair of quirky pumpkins in just 5 minutes. Get tutorial here

Stack wooden pieces into a pumpkin shape

Staple a curly wire stem to stacked wooden pieces to create a sweet, rustic pumpkin. Get tutorial here

Turn a pool noodle into a festive wreath

Decorate a sweater-wrapped pool noodle with fake pumpkins, leaves, and greenery to create a festive wreath for your front door. Get tutorial here

Coat faux pumpkins in drywall compound

Get a high-end, weathered stone look that is popular now using inexpensive faux pumpkins, drywall compound, and paint. Get tutorial here

Wrap a TP roll in fabric

Cover a toilet paper roll in fabric, and use a stick from your backyard as the stem to create cute, patterned pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Mold shimmery concrete pumpkins

Add a little glamour to your concrete pumpkins with shimmery gold accents to dress up your porch this fall. Get tutorial here

Create a no-sew pillow using placemats

Glue two stuffed placemats together to create the perfect fall throw pillow with an adorable pumpkin stencil on it. Get tutorial here

Stencil a stunning design on your pumpkins

Turn your pumpkins into works of art by stenciling stunning designs onto them. Get tutorial here