A beautiful outdoor bench

Build a beautiful outdoor bench with hidden storage for your pool toys, gardening tools, and patio cushions. Get tutorial here

This bright underbed drawer

Repurpose an ugly old laminate bookshelf as a bright, rolling storage drawer for under your bed. Get tutorial here

A fun pegboard organizer

Keep your sunglasses, keys, and other essentials organized with a colorful pegboard organizer. Get tutorial here

This neat paper holder

Install a shoe holder on your wall for a clever way to keep your papers neat, tidy, and protected. Get tutorial here

An organized pantry door spice rack

Clear up cabinet space by building a spice rack for the back of your pantry door. Get tutorial here

These convenient cookbook shelves

Put up IKEA spice shelves in the wasted space at the end of your cabinet as the perfect storage solution for your cookbooks. Get tutorial here

A rotating utensil storage rack

Hang a lazy Susan underneath your kitchen cabinets for the perfect place to store your cooking utensils. Get tutorial here

This clever cable strap hanger

Make the most of the hidden potential in your closet with this clever cable strap hack. Get tutorial here

A sleek kitchen pegboard wall

Free up cabinet space in your kitchen by hanging cookware, towels, and small food packages on your pegboard wall. Get tutorial here

This lovely storage ottoman

Reupholster your worn out ottoman, and leave the inside of it hollow to add hidden storage space to your living room. Get tutorial here