Her cozy snowman family

Dress up wooden posts in hats and scarves for a whole family of cozy snowmen. Get tutorial here

A whimsical snowman topiary

Stack giant ornaments to create a shimmering snowman topiary that’ll add a whimsical vibe to your decor. Get tutorial here

Her chilly clothesline snowman

Wrap cement-soaked clothesline around some balloons to create a super cute snowman to place on your porch. Get tutorial here

These friendly bakeware figurines

Grab some bakeware, and dress them up with cute faces and warm accessories for some friendly figurines to keep you smiling all season long. Get tutorial here

Her adorable snowman display

Glue together paint stir sticks and popsicle sticks to create the cutest snowman display for your shelf. Get tutorial here

A fresh-faced snowman

Create a stylish snowman out of four stacked flower pots to add a friendly face to your space. Get tutorial here

This super cute snowman door

Add some personality to your door this winter using items you already have at home with the cutest paper snowman. Get tutorial here

Her fun coffee filter snowman

Put your unused coffee filters to good use by turning them into an adorable snowman to hang in your home. Get tutorial here

This fluffy rainbow wreath

Make fluffy white pom-pom snowmen with rainbow scarves, and attach them to a metal hoop before hanging it on your front door. Get tutorial here