Staircase From Ho-Hum to OMG!

Alicia W
by Alicia W
3 Materials
2 Hours
An easy project to change your boring white stair's kick plate or front into something out of a magazine. You're neighbors will be so envious!!
Begin by vacuuming and wiping the stair treads and fronts.
Measure the width of the stair front.
I found the bottom stair front is thinner due to the fact that there is usually molding added to the bottom along the floor.
Measure the length of the stair front.
Using a tape measure, mark the measurements onto the back of the vinyl.
Place several pieces of cardboard under your vinyl before cutting.
Using a utility knife and carpenter's square, cut the vinyl along your measurement marks.
Remove the backing and adhere the vinyl to the stair front.
Use a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.
Continue to measure, cut and cover your remaining stair fronts.
Stand back and admire your hard work. And hey, invite the neighbors in to see how awesome your staircase looks.
These are the materials that I used - carpenter's square, metal and vinyl tape measure, pencil, utility knife, credit card, cardboard box, and vinyl wall covering.
Suggested materials:
  • Carpenter's square   (Lowes)
  • Utility knife   (Lowes)
  • Vinyl wall covering   (Target)
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  • R lybolt R lybolt on Apr 15, 2017
    My basement stairs do not have risers is thus against the building code?

  • Ray Costa Ray Costa on Jun 20, 2017
    How many contact rolls did you use for the staircase?

  • Kathy Kathy on Aug 04, 2021

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and Carpeted the steps going to the upstairs where the Bedrooms are.

    unfortunately, vacuuming the Carpet has become Hazardous for me! LOVE your Idea and I am going to Remove the Carpet, add the Wallpaper to the Back of the Steps and Treads to Prevent me from Slipping on the Stairs.

    NOW… for my BIG QUESTION: I LOVE the Side Panels along the Wall going Up the Staircase.

    Do You have any Suggestions how I can Achieve that?

    It is all along the Lower Half of the Living Room of my Older Home, which the Staircase comes into.

    Thank You in Advance for you Help, Kathy

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  • Cecelia Rockers Cecelia Rockers on Nov 17, 2020

    love this! what is the name of the wallpaper? Where did you get it. thanks

  • Jenny Jenny on Sep 19, 2021

    Two hours! Lady, you’re Wonder Woman! Amazing transformation and blends beautifully with your decor! Love it. Sadly I live in a bungalow! 😩