Asked on Sep 22, 2018

How do I do a kitchen backsplash?

Sally Alter
by Sally Alter

Dilemma: Don't want to go the trouble of cutting tiles; thought about Peel and Stick tiles, doing a DollarTree marble job like my bathroom which looks just fab, painting the backsplash to look like rocks using quarter inch painter's tape, stenciling and finally vinyl wallpaper which can be repositioned and removed if you don't like it.

I would like to know if anybody has tried the vinyl wallpaper and what tips you might have to avoid potential pitfalls?

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  • I can tell you that it does not hold up well to steam, areas around the sink and behind the stove started slipping

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Sep 22, 2018

    Oh, dear Rachel that doesn't sound like a good idea after all. Thanks so much for the tip.

  • Kit Kit on Sep 22, 2018

    Sally, I think it depends on the wallpaper.

    I know of two kitchens that were done with a high quality vinyl wallpaper and both lasted until each homeowner changed colors in kitchen.

    One was six years and one was eight years. Each of these had a little texture and neither had a problem . One replaced hers with a new wall paper and the other had tile done as her sister had married a DIY guy who did the labor free.

    You can’t beat free.

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Sep 22, 2018

    Thanks Deb, I shall research this project more before I buy anything.

  • I've used repositionable wallpaper from Spoonflower on a small accent wall and it worked great. The only thing I'd worry about on your backsplash is cleaning it... but maybe you could test a piece first?

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Sep 29, 2018

    Thanks Faith, I am about to research this company. I hadn't heard of it before. I shall ask them about cleaning. Maybe it could do with a couple of coats of Polyurethane.