Asked on Aug 19, 2019

Will it look okay if my backsplash is not totally of uniform height?

by 1cs1267

I am getting ready to put subway tile in my kitchen as a backsplash. I have laminate countertops which are molded in one piece and extend up the wall about 3-4 inches. I am planning on putting subway tile above all countertop areas, which cover part of 4 walls. Will the subway tile look "ok" if on two adjoining walls it is up higher than on two other adjoining walls? Or do you suggest same height everywhere? I am a senior on a fixed income, so I would save money on having a different height on 2 walls where there isn't as much "backsplash" really needed. Thanks!

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  • The Inspired Workshop The Inspired Workshop on Aug 19, 2019

    If I am picturing it correctly, I think it would look alright! What I would since you are on a fixed income, do it the least expensive way (different heights) just don't add the decorative finish tiles along the top, and see how you like it, if you like it, finish it off...if you don't like it, add more rows to even out the height a few weeks/months later! And just in case you haven't made the purchase yet, Floor and Decor had the BEST price on subway tile, it saved me 40 bucks over Home Depot's price for my kitchen wall that I did! Hope this helps!