Can I retile my bathroom floor before the shower?

David Leonard
by David Leonard

Redoing my bathroom in stages due to cost and livability. I have all the flooring and new tile for the shower. I have not bought the pan or the mud for the shower nor the new shower doors. I am tiling over the old tile on the floor and would like to do that before tackling the shower. Is it possible?

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  • Susan Bohdan Susan Bohdan on Jan 24, 2019

    I am not an expert. I am trying to envision your project. My concern would be the interface between the bathroom floor (potentially higher than shower floor. You want to be sure that water doesn't get under the new floor. Is this ceramic over ceramic? Or is this vinyl tiles over vinyl? I have done vinyl over vinyl and there was embossing on the original vinyl. So that there would be good adhesion, a coat of a gray substance that was like a thin concrete? Can't remember the name (quick set concrete?). It would probably be true of ceramic to make good adhesion?

    To answer your question, if the shower doors are pricey, then wait until you have enough money for a pan and proceed from there. A tension rod with a cheap shower liner curtain could possibly suffice until you can afford the doors. Ideally you want a better door that will last and work better than less expensive kind.

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    • Susan Bohdan Susan Bohdan on Jan 25, 2019

      The product quick set should be "thin set". Thought of the correct terminology later.

  • William William on Jan 24, 2019

    You sure can do it in stages. Just terminate the bath flooring where the shower flooring will start. Have a few extra floor tiles on hand in case you need to cut or remove any between the floor and shower.

    • David Leonard David Leonard on Jan 25, 2019

      Thanks William, I like the idea and I think this is a good was to complete another section of the project and still maintain sanity in the house! I feel like I just went to therapy. LOL