A Simple Hexagon Tile Hack

Camille Walker
by Camille Walker
I fell in love with hexagon tile when we were building our house over four years ago. I loved the classic, small design and the visual interest it gave a small space and thought it would be perfect for our master bathroom. It wasn’t until I was in the design center months later that I realized that if we asked for the hexagon tile in the bathroom it was a huge upgrade and would add a sum to our budget that wasn’t worth the cost at the time. When you’re building a house you have to make decisions like that as those small details can add up so quickly. If you’ve been following along our journey on Instagram you may have noticed that we have been finishing our basement for some time now. We are getting SOOOO close and I cannot wait to share the end result with you. It has been a lot of fun to be able to pick the finishes I REALLY want and not have to worry about paying for those upgrades in a 30 year mortgage!
I came across this image on Pinterest a long time ago and knew that is what I wanted in my bathroom. My dear husband agreed to my desires and it wasn’t until working with this tile that we came to understand why the cost was so much greater. The small tile is very time consuming and will break very easily if you try to cut the small corners to fit up against the wall.
My husband wanted to finish off the edge in an attractive way but didn’t have the fine tools necessary to cut tile so delicate. That is when he came up with this hack to trim off the tile up against the bathtub to give it a beautiful finish without the mess of the tile breaking.
Gorilla Glue to the rescue! There have been many times that Gorilla glue has saved us in a project as we have used it for flooring transition pieces and knew it would do just the trick for finishing off the tile up against the bath. We used the construction adhesive as it was the best choice for this project.
You can use whatever trim piece fits your purposes. We wanted to keep the tub easy to clean and opted for a small rounded piece of trim. You can have this measured and cut at your local construction store or cut it yourself.
Make sure to apply a thick layer between the tile and the trim piece and hold the trim in place for a couple of minutes as it sets. You may also want to have a rag handy so that you can wipe away any excess glue.

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Camille Walker
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  • Kerry Veen Kerry Veen on Aug 26, 2016
    Has the glue held up even with moisture from showering?

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  • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Aug 26, 2016
    I've done many projects like this. I use a good adhesive caulk. You can buy it in mildew resistant. Lay the 1/4 round in place. Place masking tape over the exposed tile, and front of the tub leaving a small gap. Remove the 1/4 round. Put masking tape on the exposed part of the 1/4 round. Lay 2 beads of caulk, one on the tile, one on the tub front. Push the 1/4 round in place. Use a wet finger to wipe away the excess caulk then wipe it with a damp sponge. When you have wiped enough caulk to see the edges of the masking tape, remove the masking tape, being careful to not pull the 1/4 round up. One or two last wipes of the caulk to feather the edge where the masking tape was and you can leave it to dry. I like the window grade adhesive caulk like Dap Dynaflex. Caulk will allow the 1/4 round to be removed if the 1/4 round gets beat up. Construction adhesive will be hard to work with and possibly damage the tub if you need to replace the 1/4 round.

  • Erma Brown Erma Brown on Oct 17, 2016
    I am confused... It looks like there are two diffrent tile types. What's going on?