Asked on Jul 11, 2018

I would like to vinyl tile my kitchen floor and steps- Any help?

by Annie

We have very old kitchen flooring (30+yrs old) one solid sheet. DIY'ers we are not. Wondering what if any kind of sub flooring we would have to use and how do we do tiles on the steps/landing that lead to the back porch and the steps that lead to the basement. Do the kitchen baseboards need to come off or can you just secure the vinyl tile as close as possible to the baseboards? We have a large kitchen and the area where the table is looks like a large square then we have a long galley hallway where the stove, sink/countertops and frig are lined up. Also, how to you feel about the kits that are available for redoing counter tops to look like granite? are they durable? or should we consider replacing the counter tops? Thanks for any help you can offer!! Annie

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