We Bought a Short Sale - Part 2 (the Dining Room)

by FrazzledMommy
Hey all - I want to thank you for all the positive feed back on my first post (we bought a short sale). I was so thankful for all your positive responses, and many of you asked to post more pics... so I decided to do a room my room post. From now on I'll do one room per post....while the baby is sleeping :)
move in day - how it looked
This really was suppose to be a family room - but in future posts I will show how we made the actual dining room area a sitting room to go with the living room. I only wish I had a picture of the sponge bob and power rangers that were sharpeed on this wainscoting. This was one giant piece of paper thin plywood so we pulled it right off...
In the first post I showed my husband scraping off the glue. This pile is glue and paint that peeled
My husband and a friend chiseling away
The day we rented the tool. This made all the difference. We called in every favor (heck were always helping people so luckily everyone was more then ready to help us out) *thankfully I have amazing neighbors because this went into the wee hours of the mooring since we only rented it for 24 hours. *we first took up all the tile, then after we got that all out of the house we took up all the cement, mortar and mastic stuff to make a nice smooth surface. LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS - WEAR A MASK...I REPEAT WEAR A MASK... not to give TMI but we were blowing this dust out of our noses for the next 48 hours... I can't even imagine what we breathed in...
Here is an after... the farm house table was a gift that my mother and father inlaw made from reclaimed wood. I emailed her and asked for the instructions on how she made it incase anyone is looking to build one. I will include them on this page as soon as I get the how to's
This is the other side. The deer head is real, my husband is big into hunting (we eat all the meat its not just trophy hunting)... that wine rack is off of Etsy, I really wanted to make one myself, but right now that just was not gonna happen. This is also baby parking zone (all toys get left along this wall - it keeps it out of the way for a few minutes at lease ;) -
This is our chandelier - i was hopping it would come out in the photos. It is a wheel with 4 mason jars on it. My mother in law found the base wired at the worlds longest yardsale last year. I then added wide mouth mason jars which almost fit perfectly into the bases
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  • Heje Heje on Sep 13, 2018

    It looks comfortable and able to be cleaned easily. Is the wall paint a shade of green?

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