Asked on Mar 09, 2018

Corian countertop butts up to clay tile back splash.

by Jemark
Grout cracks and falls out during seasonal temperature changes. Would caulking work better? If so, acrylic? Silicone? ...or what?
Thank you! JMK

  4 answers
  • Gk Gk on Mar 09, 2018
    Clear caulking works great. Go to your local hardware store and ask questions.

  • Alice Alice on Mar 09, 2018
    Yes, either would work better, both are flexible and can help absorb movement, whereas the grout can crack

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 09, 2018
    Regardless of counter and backsplash materials, there should be a thin bead of caulk to create a waterproof seal where they join. If the counter is light colored, you can use white silicone. If it's dark, I recommend clear or for a premium you can buy color matched silicone.

  • Amanda Amanda on Mar 09, 2018
    Hello. I would caulk it. I always caulk when there are seams or corners. Silicone works well.