Asked on Sep 02, 2019

How can I install tiling in my shower?

Nicole Oueder
by Nicole Oueder

O started working on my small shower over a year ago, I thought it was an easy job, but turned out it’s not. Any tips to help me finished up? Thanks in advance.

q shower tiling
q shower tiling
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  • on Sep 02, 2019

    Get a tile wet saw and some other small tools to cut and break tile to desired sizes. You can rent too, if you think you have a window of time to get it all done in one or two days.

    The right tools have made a world of difference in all our tiling projects. Good luck!

  • Nicole Oueder Nicole Oueder on Sep 02, 2019


  • No, it's really not an easy job, you are correct. If you already have the tile, you'll need a tile saw. First and foremost though, be sure to waterproof everything before you install tile. If you need some guidance, you can check this blog post of mine:

  • Nicole Oueder Nicole Oueder on Sep 02, 2019


  • Bijous Bijous on Sep 02, 2019

    Hi Nicole. If I may make a suggestion: tile the walls yourself, but get a pro in to tile the floor. There needs to be a pitch to the drain or there will be all sorts of water troubles.

    Strike a level line one to 1-1/2 tiles up from the floor with a plum bob that has been coated with chalk. You'll need an extra set of hands for this. The reason I think you should go up 1 to 1-1/2 is in case the floor needs to be redone for sloping to the drain. Now tile away on the walls! Good luck.