Brass Lamp Finds New Life As Hanging Planter

Jeff C
by Jeff C
I'm finally finished with the brass lamp turned flower basket. Thanks to inspiration from all of the other members on, I was able to see a use for this brass lamp rather than going into the trash. The lamp was easy to take apart and was built in sections. Where the lightbulb goes is actually a carrying handle or a place to hang the basket from. I'm currently looking for a bird I can put in the middle so it looks like it's perched in the middle of the handle. As for the color, I used Rustoleums Aged Copper for the look and I'm pretty impressed with the color of the paint. One thing I learned during this project is that I should have spray painted after the final assembly, not before as I had to perform touch up work due to scratches and chipped paint. Now when I see lamps, I see them as potential hanging flower baskets and flower vases.
The lamp before it was taken apart
Brass lamp ready for the trash but I have other ideas!
Test run of the hanging pot
Close up of the Aged copper spray paint.
I drilled random holes in each layer to allow for water drainage
The middle lamp bar has two lamp nuts to secure the bottom and to secure the handle to the top.
Flower basket sporting some hardy mums.
The trick was to find a flower basket that was just tall or short enough to fit inside without seeing a large portion of the pot.
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  • Simona Simona on Jan 20, 2016
    It was nice originally, before it was sprayed with copper paint. Brass is a uniquemetal, no need to hide it

  • Tonya Tonya on Aug 28, 2016
    I love odd ideas for planters. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the inspiration🙌