How can I repurpose bathroom rugs?

by Anne
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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 27, 2021

    Clever Ways on Reusing Old Rugs At Home

    Indoor Use

    1) Floors – A doormat at the entrance is important as it helps people to wipe off dirt and debris, avoiding any spread onto the floors, indoors. For this, take cuttings out of large old rugs, they will perfectly serve as mats in the entryway. If you are among the few who like to rearrange their furniture frequently, floors will be prone to be scratched or even damaged. To protect your floors, cut small pieces of a used rug, into shapes of square or circle and glue each piece to the bottom of the furniture. The thudding of a washing machine or dryer can be quite annoying at times, old rugs can be used to dampen or muffle such noise. Simply place large pieces of rug under each of the four corners of the machine and Voila!

    2) Staircase Treads – Many of us at home have had accidents on the staircase. You may use rug cutouts to make staircase treads. These provide a safe and non-slip way to make it accident resistant, besides adding a touch of decoration to the staircase, which otherwise wears a bland look.

    3) Porches – You may find old rugs that are no longer attractive for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. In such case, move them to the porch, likely one that is enclosed. Use them outside underneath pots placed on covered patios. They may not look appealing, but they certainly help to trap moisture and dirt that come along with shoes, thereby, protecting the floors. Additionally, to provide ample absorbency, place them beneath new rugs.

    4) Pets – Animal lovers, an old rug can be a boon if you have pets at home. Use one under the cat or dog food dish or a litter box. Giving a bath to your pet can be challenging at times, have a few rugs lined on the bathroom floor. They will prevent your pets from sliding around. In addition, rugs having thick bile with soft texture that make them perfect for being used as pet beds within the house. People having cats can repurpose old rugs having flexibility and thickness into scratching posts.

    5) Exercise – One can carry out yoga and other forms of exercise in comfort on an old rug. If you have a large rug, cut it as long as your height and about 3 feet wide. In addition, it is easy to roll and store it away when not in use. You could practically take it anywhere around or out of your house and place it on different surfaces depending on its texture and thickness.

    Outdoor Use

    1) Garage – Old rugs have several uses in a garage. Place a used rug next to a parked vehicle, it will provide a spot to wipe off dirty footwear of any dirt, grime, or water. They will not only keep dirt and moisture away out of your home but also the vehicle. One may use them while working underneath their vehicle. Protect the doors of your car from damage each time you enter or exit it. For that take a few strips of rags and attach them on the walls of your garage.

    2) Vehicles – Floor mats can be expensive. Transform old rugs into car mats that you may use on the floor of your vehicle, especially during snow and rain. All you need to do is cut the rug to fit the floorboards of your car.

    3) Garden/Yard – A garden or the yard is a perfect place for using old rugs in multiple roles. For example, if you are fond of gardening, regular maintenance is necessary. Cut out pieces of your old rugs as knee pads while working in the garden, no more stains on the knees. You may use them as a temporary form of seating too. Lay them on the walkway to transform them into a pleasant looking path; these will also help keep the paths weed free. You need not worry about their maintenance, as they will gradually deteriorate.

    4) Animal Shelter – If you find that you do not need old rugs around your home or if they are some extras left, especially washable type. Why not donate them to animal shelters. Such old rugs can be used as beds for strays and homeless animals. These are better than blankets and towels, while will be appreciated.

    5) Camping – All who love the outdoors will find good use of their old rugs. If you do not have any, buy it from others who may be selling them. Carry along few washable old rugs, you will find them very handy for use in the open or within your tent floor. Not only will they protect you and items from the ground, they also provide a space to kick back and relax at ease.

    Do no throw away any of your old rugs now that you have come to know how useful they can be. Of course, if they are not in a condition, which you would not want to put them to use indoors, donate or sell them, rather than disposing them. Use the above ways to incorporate old rugs within your home that will not only save some money but also give a touch of practicality to your home.


  • Sandra L Warren Sandra L Warren on Jun 27, 2021

    I used my old bathroom rug to recover my footstool and it came out so cute.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 27, 2021

    Hello. Some of the woven type of rugs can make very nice pillow covers.

  • Maura White Maura White on Jun 27, 2021

    Donate them to kids who have an outdoor playhouse or tree house.

  • I've seen people make pillows out of them for outdoors, since bathroom rugs are usually mildew and mold resistant. Just be careful if they have a rubber backing, that's probably not a good pillow choice.

  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 27, 2021

    Hi Anne: If they are in good shape and not too big, like maybe throw rugs, you can sew 2 together on the bottoms and sides, attach a handle or 2 and make a bag. Or, if you are talking about something larger, you can use them in the trunk of your car to cushion things you put back there. Or, you can cut out figures (I have a cat) paint on a face and use it as a wall hanging. Of course you can always cut it to fit in front of a chair in the living room to keep the area in front of the chair clean :)

    Good luck

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari on Jun 29, 2021

    Use for pillow covers

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 03, 2021

    Just put an old rug on top of my cedar chest. Makes a nice and soft area for them to look out the window and nap.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 23, 2021


    If you have lots, stitch them together to make a good size Rug!