I have an antique wooden ironing board.

by Frances
What can I diy with it?

  6 answers
  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 04, 2018
    you can attach it to the wall if you want to use it. There are many folks interested in buying these items too, so that can be a way to gain some funds.

  • Lynleeben Lynleeben on Jul 04, 2018
    Depending on your decorating style you can use it behind a sofa as a sofa table or as a buffet serving table in a dining room. I’ve done both and received many compliments. Just make sure the antique ironing board is stable and won’t tip over.

  • Emily Emily on Jul 05, 2018
    You could remove legs temporarily and put narrow shelves on the flat part, hang on wall and use as spice or other kind of rack

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jul 07, 2018
    You could attach it to the wall and add some wire baskets to the front and make it a storage shelf.

  • Nita Nita on Jul 09, 2018
    You could paint it what color goes with your house and then use a large stencil and put welcome on it, then seal it. I've seen this and it's beautiful.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Feb 22, 2022

    Hi Frances, you can add hairpin legs to make a cute, slim table. I've also seen them hung on walls with planters attached.