Asked on Oct 28, 2014

Old wagon wheel in pieces - help?!

Cyndy B
by Cyndy B
Hey folks - looking for some ideas / suggestions. The first photo was our cool old wagon wheel. The others are what's left of it. :(
We're pretty far out in the woods. Our neighbor said there had been some feral hogs around (this was when we lived elsewhere for a short time) so we're guessing that's what happened. Unless it somehow just fell apart. But oddly, some pieces were completely gone... Anyway, we hope to be able to repurpose the rim - plus the smaller pieces. For the rim, I keep thinking some kind of a pallet wood insert, but have had no luck looking online and am feeling stumped. I figured I would share the pictures here and see if any of you uber-creative folks can help. Thanks in advance!
ideas for wagon wheel pieces, flowers, gardening
Here it was when we first had it. A friend GAVE it to my husband and we were just tickled with it!
ideas for wagon wheel pieces, flowers, gardening
The sad, empty rim. :(
ideas for wagon wheel pieces, flowers, gardening
Kinda looks like some kind of metal vase but it's the hub. ;)
ideas for wagon wheel pieces, flowers, gardening
This is what blew our mind - all that's left of the 12 heavy wood spokes. Weird. Feel like I need to figure something cool for it!
ideas for wagon wheel pieces, flowers, gardening
The metal rings that held the hub and spokes together. At least I think that's what they did. ;) I'm thinking "wheels" for a crate-type box?
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  • Lori Lori on Oct 29, 2014
    You live far out in Texas and the pigs couldn't find anything better to eat? Lets could make a giant wind chime. No? OK, I would lay them down and arrange in a kind of abstract design ( like the Olympic rings ) but a much less perfect shape, weld them together and you have a great sculpture to stand back in the garden, either alone or use as a trellis for a climbing vine. Have fun.

  • All About Rose Gardening All About Rose Gardening on Oct 29, 2014
    Oh...what a shame! The wheel was beautiful! A perfect trellis for morning glories! I think I would place them on some pea-stone (or other type of small rocks)-so that they stand out and not get lost (by sinking into the mulch), then arrange them in any pattern you like, and plant different flowers (or herbs) if you grow them. I would do the herbs!

  • Cyndy B Cyndy B on Oct 29, 2014
    Thanks ladies! I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest. Still have that pallet wood idea in my head for the big rim, if anyone can figure it out my Ed will LOL!