Asked on Dec 07, 2013

What to do with an old T-shirt

by Hollie
I recently came into posession of some of my dads clothing after he passed...not alot just a pair of cowboy boots, a large t-shirt and a hunter orange coat...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what I could do with these things to display them in a special way b/c I obviously cant wear them. Im especially thinking about the boots and the t-shirt. Ive seen the ideas of putting flowers in the boots and such but was hoping for something a little more different...thanks for any ideas..and any idea will be greatly appreciated!!!
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  • Tania Pelletier Tania Pelletier on Dec 07, 2013
    Not sure how you feel about cutting up the t-shirt or if it has a graphic, design, or writing on it but I've seen them stretched over a canvas and hung up as art or I make memory teddy bears out of loved one's clothing pieces. I like the idea of using the boots for flowers, maybe you could also add a picture of your dad wearing them in the flower arrangement or as a sort of tag hanging from the boots?

  • Diane Navarro Tippetts Diane Navarro Tippetts on Dec 07, 2013
    take a pic of all of them seperately, also a pic of your Father, cut the orange coat back, put it in a frame with the pics stratigately placed with hot glue, then on the outer glass write Dad with a washable marker, turn the glass over and paint the letters in black, then put the frane together. Hang and enjoy :)

  • Val Val on Dec 07, 2013
    You could arrange these items together along with a favourite photo of your dad and then take a picture of that arrangement, kind of like a vignette. The picture could then go into an attractive frame, maybe 16x20". Hanging something like this would be a nice way to pay tribute to your father's memory. That would give you some time to mull over what you would like to do with his things. Hope this helps. Val

  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Dec 07, 2013
    Line the cowboy boots with plastic, add potting soil, a hearty plant in each. You have new planters and a fond remembrance of your dad. I've seen it done a lot of times and as long as you line the boots with plastic and don't over water it will work out great.

  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Dec 07, 2013
    Sorry, just realized you don't want plants in the boots. Jenni

  • Betsy Betsy on Dec 07, 2013
    I have seen ideas of making teddy bears out of T-Shirts, as well, as pillows! For the boots-what about making lamps out of them or book ends? I have the same problem with some clothing of my dad's. We have made aprons out of his shirts. Also, going to make some aprons out of his jeans for all the cooks in the family! I don't know if this works for you since you may not want to cut up any of his clothing.

  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Dec 07, 2013
    you could get some tall glass vases insert into boots for flower vases or candle holders hang the orange coat on a hook by the back door..and make a pillow cover from the t shirt it is lovely that you want to save these things xx

  • Linda Stone Linda Stone on Dec 07, 2013
    My brother has a cabinet with a glass front on it and he has my Dad's glasses, old pics of him and my Mother and some of her items in it as well. Don't know if you have one or not, but would be a nice way to display the boots. Maybe make a simple quilt with the shirts.

  • Carole Carole on Dec 07, 2013
    First of all, sorry to hear you lost your dad. I can appreciate that having some of his things around can be a comfort. If you have something like a fireplace that is not in use - chimney but no grate - the boots might make a nice display in that space? If your aim is to keep the boots in tact and not damage them, then I would not be planting them out or doing anything with them that puts them into contact with water or soil. Another idea would be to put some weights in them to hold them upright and use them as a door stop or stand them near the front door. Perhaps the T shirt could be used as a cover for a pillow or cushion? That way you can snuggle up with memories of your dear dad when you watch a movie or something. Not sure what to do about the coat though.

  • Nadine James Nadine James on Dec 08, 2013
    I've heard of people making quilts out of t-shirts, but since you have only 1, why not try & make a throw blanket for your favorite chair or the couch. I like the lamp idea! Could also put a brick inside them (for extra weight) & use for a doorstop.

  • JinxM8l& JinxM8l& on Dec 08, 2013
    I gave a friend of mine a pair of my sons boots for her son, but he grew out of them quickly too. since her whole house is western-themed, she had her brother fill them with cement and she uses them as door stops. I would imbed a plastic cup into the cement so that they could also be used as a vase on occasion (or a bigger vessel and it could be in the kitchen with wooden spoons?). this option would be less 'in the elements' than using it as a planter, and more stable than simply setting a vase inside. The t-shirt could be easily made into a throw pillow. I don't have any better ideas for the hunting jacket. That is the type of thing I would simply keep around. when my dad passed a few years ago, I acquired many records & all the photo albums (my brothers knew I would be the one to keep them safe), but I also have a few small trinkets that I keep close. I have a multitool that I keep in my purse, I have his jumper cables in my car, and I have his dog (my only sister) to keep me safe at home. these things help me keep him close. perhaps there is a way to apply that concept to the jacket. if you don't mind taking it apart, you may be able to turn it into a few things to be strategically placed in all the places you need your dad to be. good luck =)

  • Sue Rauch Sue Rauch on Dec 08, 2013
    I was going to say weight the boots with a rock and use as book ends or door stop.

  • Therese Ryan-Haas Therese Ryan-Haas on Dec 08, 2013
    This brought to mind the time I walked into a antique store. Just inside the door they had a full size doll sitting on a bench. The head was carved on the end of a log that was used as his body. The rest was like a rag doll. Just mans clothes stuffed with straw.Edit: I found him added picture. If it will not show. He was donated to the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway exsibit. Just google ragtime Paul Bunyan! Sorry for the loss of your Father. Not sure how you would feel about having something so realistice. But I bet My Father would have got a kick out of it.

  • Neloh Neloh on Dec 08, 2013
    Have the boots made into matching lamps, cut the t-shirt up and make a pillow, the coat..h,m,m, not sure on that one. I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect to honor your Dad's memory. Do what works for you.

  • Meburke Meburke on Dec 08, 2013
    Pics of you dad,wallpapered in box, his favorite things (old matches,lighter dice)? ,hobbies in deep shadow box/ frame place boots flat,arrange! Tuck t shirt in orange jacket. Add turned legs! Now it's a shadow box coffee can be opened, a seasonal flower or pumpkin,x tree pick ,in coat pocket,change it up... all the while seeing it & thinking of Him..

  • Marie Powell Marie Powell on Dec 08, 2013
    the shirt u can make into a pillow with an iron picture of him on it or cut it and and put it with other material and make lap blanket

  • Julie Piggott Julie Piggott on Dec 09, 2013
    There are numerous ways online to find how to make yarn out of the shirt. Or, if it has a picture on it that you wish not to cut up, then you could make other things, like a cushion as suggested previous. You could also use the shirt as a backdrop to make a collage of things (pictures, small stories, etc), about his life, to hang on the wall. Makes a most wonderful item to keep and cherish down the track when the pain is less. It's always good to remember the good times. Best of luck.

  • Therese C Therese C on Dec 09, 2013
    Here is an only requires a smallish area: Frame several of your favorite photos of your dad in varying sizes, arrange them around(top & left of an antique-ish rectangular mirror. Place a hook to the right of the mirror to hang his coat on, add a shelf about 2 1/2 - 3 foot below the mirror to set his boots on, and fold the t-shirt to place inside sealed clear acrylic box and place beside the boots. This will serve as a momento/ shrine to your father.

  • Garland Hundley Garland Hundley on Dec 11, 2013
    For My Grandson's boots, we had them bronzed like they used to do baby shoes. They look nice everywhere.

  • Jcw Jcw on Dec 12, 2013
    If the t-shirt has an image that reminds you of him, take the image and stretch it over a blank canvas board and hang on the wall. I saw this done with kids' favorite t-shirts and put in their rooms as decorations.

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Dec 14, 2013
    First of all, I am very sorry for the loss of your father. Secondly, I'm not going to give you a crafty know how our area is...lots of people who have nothing. I would donate them to our local charities who give the clothes, shoes and boots to those who have none. <3 <3 <3

  • Kathy Kathy on Mar 06, 2014
    I think the small throw would be a great idea, you could keep it in your vehicle for a small warmth for you or kids, being from Tx I would say to find a unique shelve and place his boots on them, maybe in entry way,

  • Bennyjenks Bennyjenks on Mar 07, 2014
    shirt pillow covers with the collar and button front running down the front, t-shirt quilt,boots are great for planters or camouflaging ugly planters, reworked into smaller tops for kids,and the list goes on. Good luck

  • Demetria R Demetria R on Mar 09, 2014
    One can make stuffed animals from them and set the memories around your home.

    • Hollie Hollie on Aug 03, 2015
      I love this... my son loves stuffed animals and knowing it was from his Papa would be great! Thank you!

  • Newawlenslady Newawlenslady on Jan 31, 2016
    If you don't keep the shirt intact to frame (don't know the shape the shirt is in) you might want to make throws or pillows for memorandums, from patches of the fabric. Also I've seen shoes and boots bronzed and made into lamps to keep