Wine barrel wood, what to do?

by Bhpacker
I was given several wine barrels. One I cut directly in half, the other I made two cut saving the wood that was between the inside metal bands. It is great strong wood, but has a gentle rounding to it. I would like ideas on what to do with it. Various widths, all about 10.5" long.
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q wine barrel wood what to do
Oak from Wine barrel
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  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 08, 2018
    Tons of ideas if you didn't cut the barrels.

  • Donna Marie Herzwurm Donna Marie Herzwurm on Jul 09, 2018

    Make alittle arched pathway into a garden?

  • Jan Godfrey Jan Godfrey on Jul 09, 2018
    Use each piece as a tiny picture frame. Attach a hanger on the back. Shave an assortment of different colored crayons. Arrange a few pieces into an attractive arrangement on the board. Leave a border around the colored part. Hold a heat gun over the arrangement until the pieces are melted to the board. Leave some larger chunks for contrast. Voila! Modern art! You can paint the board first with white paint to provide a different look.

  • MMM MMM on Jul 09, 2018
    My ex had some great stools made out of old barrels. Very simple, somewhat Asian looking in their simplicity. The curved boards made a very comfortable seat but not so curved that you couldn't put a drink or a plate on them. :)

  • Margarite Margarite on Jul 15, 2018

    You can make a welcome sign for your porch. I would attach it to two pieces of wood and stencil welcome to it.

  • 1401470 1401470 on Jul 16, 2018

    This is such fun wood -I would make some signs and stencil them.