Reversible DIY Bath Mat Out of (Old) Towels

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Wet bathroom floors aren’t just sloppy, they’re also dangerous, so a proper bath mat should be a must-have for everyone.

Especially when you have this DIY bath mat pattern at your disposal because it allows you not only to create yourself a new bath mat but to make it out of old towels.

Practical and responsible, this project is a treat for all sewing enthusiasts! Now get ready to sew a lovely mat for your bathroom with these instructions.

Prepare the fabrics

Cut two contrasting towels out into rectangles 30 x 20 inches big. Then cut two cotton bands measuring 31 x 5 inches in size. You will need two more bands from the same fabric, just slightly shorter, 21 x 5 inches long.

Assemble the binding

Set the long bands on your workspace with their right sides up parallel to each other. Place the short bands onto them with their wrong sides up.

Make sure to align one short edge of each long band with a short edge of their shorter pair and pin everything.

Now you have to join the sets together to form a rectangle.

Align the free short edges of the long bands with the free short edges of the shorter bands and pin them. Keep the right sides facing in and stitch the pinned edges together with a half-inch seam allowance.

Make the mat frame

Mark the center of the seam, measure two inches above it, and mark it. Measure two inches away from that spot, going away from the seam, and mark it. Join the marks to form a triangle. Do the same thing for the section below the seam mark.

Stitch the diagonal edges of the two triangles you drew. Repeat on all four corners of the cotton rectangle. Cut off the fabric excess on each stitched triangle a quarter-inch away from the seam.

Fold the edges of the frame in towards the wrong side for half of an inch all around and press flat.

Finish the mat

Set the towels onto each other and sew them together with a half-inch seam allowance. Mark their corners two inches away from each edge and pin the frame corners to them. Make sure the right side of the frame is facing the towel and stitch the frame to the towel with a half-inch seam allowance.

Don’t stitch the inner edge of the frame, just the outer.

Turn the whole thing inside-out and fit it over the edges of the towel. Push the corners out and sew the raw edges to the towel with a quarter-inch allowance.

Press everything and you’re done!

No more slippery bathroom floors for you, not with this little guy around! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it proved helpful to you. Make sure to check out the other projects we have for you, you’re bound to find something fun and useful! Happy sewing!

Suggested materials:
  • Towel fabric (or 2 old towels)
  • Cotton fabric for the binding
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