Plant A Garden Inside Of Pallets

Roll landscape fabric over one side of the pallet, and pour potting mix inside of the pallet. Get tutorial here

Build A Cooler That Looks Rustic

Remove handles from plastic cooler and cut pallet wood to fit inside the legs. Get tutorial here

Hang A Swing Crafted From Pallets

Take mattress, measure to size of pallet, cut off excess, and place second pallet behind the first. Get tutorial here

Hammer Down Pallet Pieces For A Garden Border

Gather different heights and colors of pallet, and gently tap into the soil. Get tutorial here

Decorate The Walls With Reclaimed Pallets

Create a straight side to the pallet with a table saw and use Danish Oil for the backsplash. Get tutorial here

Design An Ombre Pallet For The Season

For the fall season, use latex paints to ombre and add pumpkins or leaves. Get tutorial here

Build A Coffee Table For The Living Room

Saw pallets in half and sand the surface completely. Get tutorial here

Craft A Compost Bin With A Stain Finish

Staple plastic hardware cloth inside the bin and apply a couple of coats of wood stain. Get tutorial here

Raise Your Garden Beds With Pallets

Separate saws quickly with a reciprocating saw and stack 12 of the quarter pallets on the side. Get tutorial here

Paint A Rainbow Pallet For A Garden

Refrain from using chemically treated pallets for this, and seal the painted pallets with a varnish. Get tutorial here