Turn Pages into Wall Decor

Using clipboards, hang a few months on a blank wall for an eclectic pop of color. Get tutorial here

Cut Strips for Gift Bows

Make your own gift bows for birthdays, Valentine's day, and those belated Christmas gifts. Get tutorial here

Cover Some Upcycled Storage

Turn a canister into accessory storage & dress it up using a page or two from you calendar. Get tutorial here

Make Picture Plate Art

Cover the backs of some cheap glass plates and create a heartwarming gallery wall. Get tutorial here

Use Scraps as Gift Tags

Cut those pretty pictures into small gift tags to accompany your presents this year. Get tutorial here

Decoupage a Chair

Snip all of your pages into mini hexagons and add a quilt-like decoupage to a boring piece. Get tutorial here

Fold Strips into a Colorful Wreath

Turn strips of your calendar into leaves of a bright paper wreath that works for every season. Get tutorial here

Recover Your Boring Notebooks

Use last year's calendar to give your notebooks and journals a pretty, personal touch. Get tutorial here

Dress Up a Side Table

Choose a small part of your piece, like a drawer or the legs, to cover with a fun paper highlight. Get tutorial here

Make an Origami Mobile

Fold your pages into origami critters for a sweet and colorful mobile great for kids & adults. Get tutorial here

Cut Out Images and Back Them on Canvas

If there's a part of your calendar you want to save, cut it out and paste it to a canvas. Get tutorial here

Cover Book Spines to Decorate a Shelf

Cover the spines of your books to create a fun graphic decoration for your bookcase.

Frame Your Favorite Pages

Turn your favorite page or two into elegant art, by putting it in a pretty frame and hanging it for all to see. Get tutorial here