Organize Plastic Bags With A Dispenser

Cut an inch into the top and bottom of a liter bottle, and now you have dispenser for your plastic bags. Get tutorial here

Shape Bottle Into Pretty Fairy Lights

Spray paint and cut the bottles into flowers that shine in the night. Get tutorial here

Make A Greenhouse For Plants

Make sure the plastic bottle you choose is tall enough for your plant, then cut off the bottom, and seal it tight. Get tutorial here

Transform White Rock Bottles Into A Garden

Use a wood burner to cut through the plastic, then add soil with your plant for an upcycled garden. Get tutorial here

Punch Holes For A Watering Can

Take an empty milk bottle, punch in holes with a screw, and you have an affordable watering bottle. Get tutorial here

Craft A Zipper Pouch

Carry your little favorite items with you when you cut 2 inches into a water bottle and glue on a zipper. Get tutorial here

Turn A Coke Bottle Into A Cupcake Holder

Cut the bottom half of coke bottles into an airtight cupcake holder with ribbon. Get tutorial here

A Self Watering Planter For Your Cactus

Hack the top off of a giant plastic bottle, put the top inside, and place your cactus on top. Get tutorial here

Create The Perfect Ottoman

Tape 7 plastic bottles together, wrap with denim, and staple it all for a cute little ottoman. Get tutorial here

Upcycle Your Bottle To A Lantern

Simply cut out a floral pattern with an x-acto knife and drop LED candles inside the bottle. Get tutorial here

Stash Candy Inside As A Party Favor

Use a scissor to cut the plastic bottle in half, then spray paint with bright colors for a vibrant treat bag. Get tutorial here

Recycle Your Bottle To A Birdfeeder

Drill two holes into the gem decorated bottle, then hand outside with bird feed. Get tutorial here

Make A Votive Candle

Spray a cut in half bottle of Coke, then wrap in twine for a rustic look. Get tutorial here

Transform A Plastic Bottle Into A Carry All

Take your fabric of choice and cording to make a bag for your items. Get tutorial here

Create A Beauty And The Beast Replica

Use a fake flower, an x-acto knife, and a wooden cloche to recreate the Rose Cloche. Get tutorial here