Transform A Thrifted Lampshade Into A Planter

Remove the outer fabric, and spray paint a shining gold. Get tutorial here

Build A Solar Lamp With A Plant Basket

Take a glass candle holder and remove the screws, then remove the wires from the basket. Get tutorial here

Use Food Wrappers For A Metallic Lampshade

Clean the wrapper of a granola bar and use a sewing machine to sew the wrappers together, then trim with E6000. Get tutorial here

Hang Cardboard Planters For Your New Lamp

Cut out the bottom of each planter, spray paint your desired color, and drill a chain through to attach. Get tutorial here

Attach Colorful Tape For A Lamp Revamp

Apply base paint for the lamp, then apply tape in various patterns, and paint over metallic. Get tutorial here

Wrap Atrocious Shades In Burlap

Measure the length across the bottom, and cut printed burlap to size for each panel. Get tutorial here

Coat Your Lamp In A Map For Future Traveling

Roll out the lampshade skin and measure the length, then cut your map wrapping paper to fit the size of lamp. Get tutorial here

Wrap Colorful Ribbon Around The Shade

Apply a small amount of hot glue towards the rim of the shade and spool the rolls of ribbon around the lampshade. Get tutorial here

Make A Statement With A Bold Lamp

Begin outlining the shade with masking tape and decoupage with gold leaf. Get tutorial here

Gather Wine Corks For A Vino Themed Lamp

Take a old jug, and simply fill to the max with wine bottle corks. Get tutorial here

Decoupage A Sewing Pattern On For Fun

Cut out the various sewing patterns and simply coat in modge podge on the lamp. Get tutorial here

Transition A Tomato Cage To A Lamp Pendant

Bend and cut the tomato wiring with a wire cutter and begin tying and knotting yarn around. Get tutorial here

Have A Beachy Lamp With Seashells

Use etching cream to imprint the middle of the vase and then fill to the top with seashells. Get tutorial here

Cut A Coke Bottle For A Plastic Lampshade

Chop the mouth off of the bottle and paint with bright colors. Get tutorial here

Design A Beautiful Lamp With Paper Plates

Mark the center of the paper plate, then make a small hole at the bottom of a plastic bottle, and hot glue together. Get tutorial here

Snip Moroccan Lamps To Cast Dazzling Light

Cut Moroccan themed paper to size, and transfer to a black piece of paper with punching holes in following the original design. Get tutorial here