Step 3: Mix until blended well

You must make sure that there are no streaks in the mixture Get tutorial here

Step 6: Once dry, place jars on a baking tray

Let dry for approx. 4 hours or until Mod Podge has hardened Get tutorial here

Step 7: Bake in the oven for 45 mins at 250°

If your jars are still opaque, continue baking in increments of 10 minutes Get tutorial here

Step 9: Use it for what ever you need!

You can use also as vases or even for your bathroom for accessories! Get tutorial here

Next: Mounted Mason Jar Spice Storage

Gather all those mason jars lying around that you haven't used Get tutorial here

Step 2: Add hot glue to the lid

Hot glue the flat seals to the lid of the mason jars (Rob & Courtney M, Get tutorial here

Next: Mason Jar Pineapple Luminaries

If you're a mason jar lover and also love pineapples - this one is for you Get tutorial here

Step 3: Paint the lids green

Apply a couple of coats of paint for an even color Get tutorial here

Step 4: Once dry, Paint 'v' shapes

Simply take a small paintbrush and draw little 'v' shapes in black sporadically across the jar Get tutorial here

Step 5: Cut a few felt leaves

Cut out several "leaf-like" shapes through both layers of felt in various sizes for the top of each pineapple jar Get tutorial here

Step 6: Glue pipe cleaners to leaves

For each leaf there are now 2 sides. Take one side of each leaf and glue a pipe cleaner down the middle Get tutorial here

Step 7: Glue leaves to jar lids

Gather your various leaves and arrange them in the way you want them to rest on top of your jar Get tutorial here

Step 8: Add tea lights

Now just turn on your tea light(s) and drop them in the jars Get tutorial here