Step 1: Clean window

You can also sand down the edges of the frame and paint it. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Tape papers to create stencil

Measure the glass and tape pieces of paper together to fit the size. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Draw your design

Use a Sharpie marker to create your monogram letter or any design of your choice. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Slide paper under window

Align the paper as close to the center as the possible. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Trace stencil with silicone

Apply silicone in small sections, using the stencil underneath as a guide. Get tutorial here

Step 7: Begin laying gems on the silicone

Carefully lay the gems on the silicone, pressing down so that the gem is flat on the glass. Get tutorial here

Create a multipurpose piece from a spool

This idea using an electrical spool looks cute and is super functional! Get tutorial here

Step 1: Measure the spool

Measure the heigh of the spool - this is the measurement you'll use to create the spindles. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Cut the dowels

Use a chop saw or manual saw to cut the spindles to the height of the spool. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Attach spindles

Screw a 2" wood screw through the underside of the spool, place the spindle under, and drill the screw in. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Attach casters to bottom

Evenly space out your casters and attach them using screws. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Remove screws from table legs

Use a pair of pliers to twist the screws out of the table legs. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Adhere saucers to legs

Apply epoxy to the table leg, flip the saucer upside down and stick in place. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Paint candle holders

Show your personality with the paint color! Apply two coats for a rich, solid finish. Get tutorial here