This chic plastic bag holder

Cut the brim off the top, sand the edges down, pierce two holes for the handles. Paint and voila! Get tutorial here

This gorgeous fruit basket

Cut felt into strips to each side and fix with pins. Weave each strip then glue or sew together. Cute! Get tutorial here

This gorgeous copper succulent planter

Cut a Herr’s pretzel container in half, spray paint in copper, then go over it with a dark wax. So beautiful. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous pendant light

Grab some plastic containers and cut pentagons out them & use an Exacto knife to cut a hole for the fixture. Get tutorial here

This adorable portable pencil case

Cut a container & fit your fabric around it. Hem 1 side of the fabric for your drawstring. Get tutorial here

This fabulously chic side table

Grab some plastic paint buckets and slice the bottoms. Screw them together then adhere the legs. Cool! Get tutorial here

This lacy tiered craft caddy

Slice a few Crystal Light containers in half then Mod Podge some lace cuttings over it for a vintage look. Get tutorial here

This plastic torches for your porch

After cutting some containers, add electric tea lights & attach via an upturned cap to a dowel. Get tutorial here

This super simple lunchbox

Slice a milk jug in half, bend the sides down as far as you can, then add a Velcro drawstring. Get tutorial here

This funky party favor holder

Why buy bags when you can repurpose containers. Cut, sand and paint them in bright colors. Get tutorial here

This cute paper clip organizer

Wrap an old toothpick container in chalkboard tape then label it with marker for a desk organizer. Get tutorial here

This great piece of storage

Cut the tops off of old milk jugs to make easy and budget friendly container for your things. Get tutorial here

This lovely Valentine’s gift box

Cut this plastic holder and mold it & shape it, and fill it with candy. Get tutorial here

This ridiculously cool bag dispenser

Grab a round plastic holder, cut off the top, paint, tape on a label & add geometric shapes to it. Get tutorial here

This funky tiki statue

Grab a few coffee containers, cut out the shapes for the faces, and then paint. Cool. Get tutorial here

This cool curvy lamp

Use a Pom bottle, drill a hole through the cap for the fixture and cut off the bottom, then paint. Awesome! Get tutorial here