Create a stunning Christmas chandelier

Use a hula hoop as the base for some Christmas decor, light it up & hang it over your table. SO cute. Get tutorial here

Create a reading nook for your kid

Drape a shower curtain over a hula hoop to get this indoor nook for them to play in. Get tutorial here

Build a gorgeous piece of spherical decor

Interlock hula hoops together and spray paint them gold to get this talking piece. Get tutorial here

Weave a rug out of old t-shirts

Loop t-shirt fabric through a hula hoop loom to recreate this colorful carpet for your living room. Get tutorial here

Or an eerily elegant one for Halloween

Add some black beads, raven feathers and black spray paint to get this cool, dark luminary. Get tutorial here

Make a fun spirograph for your kids

No need to track this kit down. Make your own fun art tool out of a hula hoop instead! Get tutorial here

Fashion a large fall wreath for your porch

When form wreaths are just not the right size, use a hulla hoop to create the door decor you’re craving. Get tutorial here

Create a touch of holiday whimsy

This giant jingle bells are made out of hula hoops and rubber balls. Who knew? Get tutorial here

Construct a gorgeous canopy

Sew some float-y fabric around a hula hoop to create a dreamy canopy. Great for baby bassinets! Get tutorial here

Combine a few to really make that wreath pop

Tie two together and add a bit of burlap to get that farmhouse atmosphere for fall. Get tutorial here