Use them to make pom poms for a fluffy carpet

Wrap yarn around two toilet paper tubes to create the cutest pom pom carpet. Get tutorial here

Cover them in burlap for napkin rings

Cut a toilet paper tube and envelop it in burlap and mesh for a gorgeous tablescape piece. Get tutorial here

Revamp them into a smartphone stand

Refashion it into a stylish charging station for your phone with some washi tape. Too adorable! Get tutorial here

Weave them into a petal wreath for your wall

Press the tubes flat and cut them into strips. Then glue them to a twine, cardboard or foam wreath form. Get tutorial here

Collect them into a cool craft caddy

Hot glue a bunch of toilet paper tubes to a cardboard base and paint them your favorite color! Get tutorial here

Make them into biodegradable seed pots

Add a little newspaper to them to get a vintage look & cut a bottom piece. Fill with soil. Done. Get tutorial here

Remodel them into boho lamps

Add strips of magazines in patterns over toilet paper tubes to get that groovy vibe. Get tutorial here

Align several of them into a jewelry holder

Get those store window jewelry organizers with some glue and paint. Get tutorial here

Fashion them into a pin board for your office

Cut them into strips and shape them into petals around layered cardboard squares. Brilliant. Get tutorial here

Decorate them as holiday poppers

Cover them in holiday designs and fill them. Place them on your table for a festive feel. Get tutorial here

Turn them into Harry Potter inspired lights

Got a Harry Potter fan in the family? Copy the floating candles from the Great Hall with some paint & glue. Get tutorial here

Fold them into mini gift boxes for guests

All you need is tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, a glue stick, and ribbon and voila! Get tutorial here

Craft them into adorable birdhouses

Grab some toilet paper tubes, card stock, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and most importantly, glitter! Get tutorial here

Reuse them as paint stampers for your crafts

Fold them into the shape of your choice to stamp a paper or wrapping. So cute. Get tutorial here

Make A Vibrant Peacock

Snip and roll the cardboard into the desired peacock shape, and paint in bright pastels. Get tutorial here

Recycle Old Magazines Into Chevron Art

Just roll the paper onto the tubes, and plot out where you want the color scheme to be. Get tutorial here

Craft A Firecracker For 4th Of July

Trim crepe paper, glue to the roll, then fill with taffy and poppers. Get tutorial here

Build A Feeder For The Birds

Coat the paper roll in peanut butter, and roll it over seeds for the neighborhood birds. Get tutorial here

Gift A Sachet Of Roses

Dry the rose petals, mix with essential oil, and wrap the roll in decorative scrap paper or fabric. Get tutorial here

Add Toilet Rolls To Your Independence Day

Pinch and glue the rolls into a flower, and red and blue for the holiday. Get tutorial here

Use A Roll To Carry Your Puzzle Pieces

Use a paper towel roll and push a paper egg carton on each end for a portable puzzle carrier. Get tutorial here

Build A Fairy Garden Castle

Add an upcycled part to your garden by painting a few rolls, and gluing tops together for a castle. Get tutorial here

Craft Something For The Needy

Brighten the day by packing dollars, mini soap, and candy in a roll for the homeless. Get tutorial here

Craft A Monster Mash For Halloween

Paint rolls, glue on googly eyes, and fill with candy for a Halloween treat. Get tutorial here

Assemble An Advent Calendar

Hot glue rolls together, cover in green crepe paper, and fill with a special piece of candy for each day till Christmas. Get tutorial here

Upcycle Your Rolls Into A Fillers

Paint the cardboard first, then cut into .5” strips, and glue into a decorative decor item. Get tutorial here

Make Speakers For Your IPhone

Take a simple roll, and cut a slit big enough for your phone so you can enjoy your music loud. Get tutorial here

Make A Photo Frame With A Shape

Position the position of the rolls over the picture, cut out with an x-acto knife, and use modge podge. Get tutorial here

Craft A Wrought Cross

Pinch and glue the rolls together into a shape of a cross. Get tutorial here

Make Rainbow Wall Decor

Take several paper rolls, and paint them the colors of the rainbow. Get tutorial here