It can become your new favorite fabric center

And will give you the opportunity to upcycle many more pieces of furniture. Get tutorial here

It makes an awesome bar cart

You’ll love entertaining your friends with your classy bar cart and drinks. Get tutorial here

And it makes a really cool desk

Cutting the bottom shelves in half for some leg room is so smart. Get tutorial here

It can also change into a chic storage unit

You can keep your printer, paper utensils, and anything else you need here. Get tutorial here

It’s the perfect potting bench

If you like to pot pants a lot, you need to make one of these for your home. Get tutorial here

This one was made into a bench

I can just imagine myself sitting here with my child reading them a bedtime story. Get tutorial here

And this one transformed into a console table

Instead of diapers, it can hold books, pictures frames, and boxes. Get tutorial here

It makes a great table for party crafts

Anything from glue to flip flops, this table can hold it all. Get tutorial here