Tear them up into a rag-tied wreath

It looks so cool, and it’s a great way for use to use up those old curtains. Get tutorial here

Cut them into french grain inspired sachets

She found this in the thrift store and it was perfect to create these lavender smelling sachets. Get tutorial here

Turn them into pretty storage bags

The best part about these is that you don’t even have to sew to make them! Get tutorial here

Turn them into a dreamy lit headboard

Hang it in front of strung fairy lights for a fun and bright headboard. Get tutorial here

Rope it into a play tent with a hula hoop

You can also use a shower curtain for this awesome idea. Get tutorial here

Cut it into a burlap poinsettia

You’re totally going to want to hang this on your door or Christmas tree. Get tutorial here

Frame them into a fabric gallery wall

Show off your bright colors and funky patterns with this cool idea. Get tutorial here

Sew them into a canopy bed

Or just use a curtain rod and slide them on. It’s really easy to achieve this stunning look. Get tutorial here

Upholster it into a monogramed headboard

You might need more than one curtain, but it’s definitely a headboard we want to try. Get tutorial here

String it into a whimsical canopy

Add some ribbon to the curtain for a little glam and glitz. Get tutorial here

Use them to line your round baskets

Even though this blogger used a tablecloth, you can do the same thing with a curtain. Get tutorial here