Step 1 : Grab a pair of old jeans

Have a pair of unwearable jeans lying around? Here is the perfect way to give these unwearable cloths new life! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Cut out pocket of jeans

First, I cut the pocket off the back of my jeans. This cut doesn't have to be perfect you can trim it later. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Mark size of pocket on empty bottle

Take an empty drink bottle and mark the size of the pocket with a sharpie. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Cut out the marked area of bottle

Cut the marked area out of the bottle and trim the sides to make a flat rectangle of plastic. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Insert plastic into pocket

After trimming off the extra jean off the pocket, I inserted the piece of plastic. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Use your cute coaster!

That's all there is to it! Now you have a funky coaster for your home, deck, poolside or anywhere! Get tutorial here

Next: Use Your Scarf For A Patchwork Pot

This project is versatile in that this cute little pot can be used for an array of things. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Iron scarf

It's not a must but this step will likely make your finished product look better. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Mod Podge scarf onto pot

Start at one end and wrap my scarf around the pot, applying heavy coats of Mod Podge as you go around. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Make cuts in the scarf to fold evenly

This way, you could overlap the cut parts so the lines appear as if they are continuing in a straight line. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Mod Podge the inside and bottom

When done, flip the pot on its top and do the same steps for the outside bottom. Get tutorial here