Step 1: Gather your materials

Tuna cans, scrapbooking paper, cutting mat, hot glue, box cutter, twine and tea light candles! Get tutorial here

Step 3: Cut scrapbooking paper

Cut paper to wrap around tuna cans. The width of the paper strips ended up being roughly 1-1/4". Get tutorial here

Step 4: Hot glue paper strips to cans

Start with a small line of glue to get the end adhered to the can, then every inch or so, add more glue. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Make bows from twine

Tie pieces of twine into small to medium sized bows. (Tikva Morrow) Get tutorial here

Step 7: Cut different length of twine

Cut different lengths of twine so that all the cans will hang at different heights. Get tutorial here

Step 8: Hot glue bows & twine strings to cans

Glue the end of the twine string to the can, and then glue to bow on top. Get tutorial here

Step 9: Grab some tea lights

You can use real tea light candles the safer option is batter powered lights. Get tutorial here

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Step 1: Clean cans and strip labels

Make sure cans are cleaned out thoroughly and all paper labels are stripped off. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Measure and cut contact paper

Cut the paper according to the size you need and carefully apply it to the cans. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Sand inside of cans

Carefully sanded the inside of the can where the holes were drilled. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Thread twine through the holes

Finally, feed through two pieces of twine--one for each hole. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Mount rods on the wall

Read more details on how to assemble the rods in the full post below. Get tutorial here

4 Ways To Upcycle Your Pringle Cans

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