Step 1 : Grab a pair of old jeans

Have a pair of unwearable jeans lying around? Here is the perfect way to give these unwearable cloths new life! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Cut out pocket of jeans

First, I cut the pocket off the back of my jeans. This cut doesn't have to be perfect you can trim it later. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Mark size of pocket on empty bottle

Take an empty drink bottle and mark the size of the pocket with a sharpie. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Cut out the marked area of bottle

Cut the marked area out of the bottle and trim the sides to make a flat rectangle of plastic. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Insert plastic into pocket

After trimming off the extra jean off the pocket, I inserted the piece of plastic. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Use your cute coaster!

That's all there is to it! Now you have a funky coaster for your home, deck, poolside or anywhere! Get tutorial here

Make a faux patchwork pot with a scarf

You won't believe how easy this is! And the result - stunning. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Iron out scarf

It's not a must but this step will likely make your finished product look better. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Mod Podge scarf onto pot

Start at one end and wrap my scarf around the pot, applying heavy coats of Mod Podge as you go around. (Rob Get tutorial here

Step 3: Make cuts in the scarf to fold evenly

This way, you could overlap the cut parts so the lines appear as if they are continuing in a straight line. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Mod Podge the inside and bottom

When done, flip the pot on its top and do the same steps for the outside bottom. (Rob & Courtney M, Hometal Get tutorial here

Step 5: Let it dry overnight

You can add more coats once each coat dries but I felt that one was sufficient for my thin scarf. Get tutorial here