They make great budget decor

Clean tuna cans, decorate them, add electric tea lights and hang them from your wall. Isn’t it chic? Get tutorial here

They’re perfect for your outdoor table

Drilling holes in tin cans in the shape of hearts will make your evenings full of sweetness. Get tutorial here

They look amazing hanging on trees

Hole punch them, paint them in beautiful pastels and add wire. Perfect for camping and so calming! Get tutorial here

Or on your patio as a piece of rustic decor

Who knew old maple syrup cans could so good? Cut them & add a glass candle. How nostalgic! Get tutorial here

They’re a good way to spread love

Punch the word love into a tin can, paint it white and add wire. It’ll make love shimmer on Valentine’s day. Get tutorial here

Or add a spooky mood to your home

Drill a skull shape into the surface of a dark tin. Spooky Halloween light or funky decor? You decide. Get tutorial here

They're perfect lights for the 4th of July

Punch holes in them and paint them the red white & blue. They’ll light up your 4th of July! Get tutorial here

They create cute homey touches in your room

This gorgeous idea requires a hammer, a nail, some creativity and a scented candle! Get tutorial here

They’re versatile and recyclable

Paint them in rust colored paint, punch holes in them & fill them with fairy lights! Watch them glow. Get tutorial here

They center your holiday decor beautifully

Place a can in the middle of a centerpiece as a candle holder and light up your table! Get tutorial here

They are the coolest way to light your room

Glue the patterned place mat on a tin can then drill holes along it to make the lights extra dramatic. Get tutorial here

They add more to your porch lighting

Just draw your shape, drill along it, then whitewash what remains and you’ve got stunning outdoor lighting! Get tutorial here