They’re perfect & easy storage solutions

All you need are funky scraps of fabric & glue to make these. You’ll never have a messy junk drawer again! Get tutorial here

They make amazing kitschy flower vases

Cover a clear glass container with a swanky tissue box, and you’ve got a cute, bio friendly vase. Get tutorial here

They’re the prettiest jewelry containers

Could you believe this vintage beauty began life as a tissue box? We can’t either. Get tutorial here

They can be built into simple mail stations

Tissue boxes are super easy to build up and this adorable mail sorter is a perfect example. Get tutorial here

They’re clever ways to keep notes

Always grabbing after pen & paper? This is a great budget friendly way to create a notepad corner. Get tutorial here

They make ingenious desk organizers

That hard cardboard is great material for dividers. Why buy it when you can repurpose tissue boxes? Get tutorial here

They can be turned into tiny drawers

Need a shelf organizer? Add some knobs to a patterned tissue box and voila! Get tutorial here

They are the easiest way to make a basket

Some groovy fabric, Mod Podge and a little elbow grease is all it take to get this adorable Easter basket. Get tutorial here

They transform into super fun and crafty toys

Looking for a cool project? Cut up some tissue boxes to make monsters of every variety. Aren’t these cute? Get tutorial here

They’re versatile pieces of decor

With craft paper, Mod Podge & tissue boxes, you can switch up your decor at a moment’s notice. Get tutorial here

They add gorgeous accents to your frames

Why buy new frames? For an update, add some pretty border trims with leftover tissue boxes. Get tutorial here

They make brilliant gift boxes

Cut them open and add some fabric to the surface. Once they are filled with goodies they’ll make awesome gifts. Get tutorial here