Renter Friendly Front Door Update

2 Materials
2 Hours

If you want to add some color and interest to your front door but cannot paint for whatever reason, you will love this simple DIY hack.

Start with a plain, boring white or solid color door. I recommend taking a cloth and wiping it down for a clean start. Your door can get surprisingly nasty.

Apply tape along detail of door. Use your finger to press it on firmly.

Overlap as necessary to create your desired design. You will do 2 "coats" of tape so this splotchyness will go away. It can kind of take a while but go slowly and take your time - you don't want it to look uneven or sloppy.

I suggest you use scissors to cut your edges. It looks much better than a ragged torn edge.

You can see here that once you add the second layer of tape, you no longer see the inconsistency in color where it overlaps. It's like adding a second coat of paint.

Continue this process all of the way around the door until you have finished your desired design.

Enjoy your newly colorful door! The tape should remove easily if you get bored of it or if you move out of your home.

Suggested materials:
  • Colored tape
  • Scissors
Morgan McBride
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