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Spray Painting Door Knobs on a Budget Does spray painting door knobs last? With this easy tutorial, you’ll learn how to spray paint door knobs that are so durable they outlast the house! What if you had an extra $200 to spend on your home? Would you rather spend it on doorknobs or something more exciting like shiplap or farmhouse wall art? Refinishing old door hardware makes a huge impact when updating the look and feel of your home. With this tutorial and video, I show you how to spray paint door knobs that last and instantly save you money! You won’t believe how great they look too. (Don’t forget to download my free spray painting tips and tricks by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.) LET ME SHOW YOU:

  • How much you can save by spray painting your door hardware
  • An easy step-by-step tutorial for painting doorknobs
  • What hardware to spray paint and what NOT to paint
  • The one-step that ensures your doorknobs outlast the house


(As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please see my full disclosure HERE). The Best Supplies for Spray Painting Door Hardware That Lasts ☑️ If you are curious or in a hurry, here is a quick link to the supplies you need to spray paint your doorknobs: Supplies for Spray Painting Door Hardware Quick Links to Information in this Post Does Spray Painting Door Knobs Last? (Updated Results From 2 Years Later) One of the questions I’m asked the most when it comes to painting door hardware is “can you spray paint door knobs so they last?” It can be pretty frustrating to go through the whole process of a DIY project only to have the results fall short of your expectations. However, this process for painting door knobs will work as long as you follow the directions below. I’m updating this post 2 years later and every single doorknob looks the same as the day it was painted, EXCEPT FOR 1. As I was making the video for this post, I was showing how to spray on the automotive primer. In doing so, I got focused on making the video out and only primed half the doorknob. I went on to put the regular spray paint on it and then realized how important the automotive primer is to this door hardware makeover. That door know was the one for my daughter’s room and the same half that did not get primed has started to peel. But like I said, all of the others that were primed properly have held up just fine. SO, that goes to show how important the primer step is for this process!

To DIY or Not to DIY: Spray Paint Door Knobs….or Buy New? When we first moved into our house a few years ago, I looked into buying new doorknobs for the whole house to replace the old brass doorknobs. At that point, I wasn’t sold on the idea of painting door hardware.

Here is how they looked before painting.

I compiled my list and went to Home Depot only to realize that new doorknobs, hinges, and strike plates would cost me well over $200 – money that could be better spent elsewhere in our tight home budget. There are definitely those projects where it’s smarter to buy instead of DIY, but this wasn’t one of them! It was then I decided the best option would be to spray paint door handles and knobs throughout the whole house. To cut costs and stay on budget, I opted to spray paint the doorknobs on the exterior doors using this same process a few years ago. They still look great so I’ll be using the same process in refinishing our old door hardware through the rest of the home! How Much You Save By Painting Door Knobs Here is the cost comparison of buying interior door knobs versus refinishing old door hardware for our whole house (2000 sq. ft): Cost to Buy Door Knobs: $12 a set x 18 = $216 Cost to Spray paint Door Knobs: $13 COST SAVINGS: $213 That’s significant savings and money I’d much rather put toward more exciting items on our home to-do list. Does Spray Painting Door Knobs Last? As I mentioned, I spray painted the entry door hardware in our house when we first moved in a few years ago, because those were in the worst shape. In those few years, they have held up beautifully, and now that I’ve tested out this process, I recently finished refinishing the old door hardware in the rest of the house! There is one step in this process that is critical – spray priming the door hardware with automotive primer. There was one doorknob that I partially sprayed with primer because it was the one I was painting for one of the photos below. Somehow in the process of taking photos and videoing, I never finished priming it and went on to spray paint it. What’s interesting is that is the only doorknob that hasn’t help up. It’s the knob to my daughter’s room and one half is peeling – the same half I forgot to prime. That’s why priming with automotive primer is such a critical step in this process.

Why I Opted Out of Painting Door Hinges A couple of you have asked me this question and while you probably can, I don’t think I’d recommend painting hinges on doors. I would be concerned about the constant forceful motion of the hinges eventually rubbing the paint off. So since hinges are cheap ( if you get them in a set here), I opted to buy those, and I’m so glad I did! This saved me from some extra work and the possibility of having to repaint or replace them later on if the paint chipped! Also, I decided to buy new strike plates that were already oil-rubbed bronze because I knew they would be much more likely to get scratched – hence the name! These were very cheap online: Oil Rubbed Bronze Strike Plates Can You Spray Paint Door Hinges on Doors of Cabinets and Furniture? If you have a piece of furniture like my china cabinet, that won’t get a ton of use you can get away with spray painting the hinges. Also, replacement hinges for vintage pieces can be hard to come by. For kitchen, cabinets, I recommend replacing them since they will get a lot of abrasive use and there’s a good chance the paint will peel eventually. To spray paint door hinges on furniture, you can use the same process I use with the doorknobs and handles. How to Spray Paint Kitchen Handles and Drawer Pulls on Cabinets When painting cabinet knobs, you can absolutely use this same process to help protect knobs and drawer pulls from everyday wear and tear. The added step of the automotive primer gives lots of protection for door hardware in high-traffic areas. How to Spray Paint Hardware on Doors and Cabinets – Supplies Needed: Black Automotive Primer – You want a dark color of automotive primer like black or dark gray. Click here to see the current price. Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint – This is my favorite brand and I’ve used it on dozens of projects. Click here to see the current price. Sander – Here is a favorite of mine that is also low-cost and you can see my sander buying guide here. TSP Cleaner (optional) – I keep this on hand. You can get it at any home improvement store. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hinges – These are the standard size that fit most doors and have had a good experience with them. (See the current price here). Oil-Rubbed Bronze Strike Plates – This is a really good deal. (See the current price here.) Painter’s Tape – Get the wider size like this. FREE Spray Painting Tips & Tricks – This free printable is available in my resource library. Get access to it and all my other free printables, templates, and wall art by filling out the form at the bottom of this post or click here

CLICK HERE for the current price.
CLICK HERE for the current price.

Refinishing Old Door Hardware with Spray Paint Step 1: Remove the Door Hardware Remove the hardware with a screwdriver. I used a piece of painter’s tape to label which set of knobs went with which door. Removing the doorknobs will take a little while so I used the time to listen to one of my favorite podcasts (see the list here).

Can you Spray Paint Door Knobs Without Removing Them? A reader asked if you can spray paint door knobs without removing them and while it is tempting, just take them all off to spray paint! You can see here where I spray painted my shower using the same process and the results were amazing but even though I taped off every bit off our bathroom, there was still over-spray on our master closet shelves over 12 feet away. Just don’t risk it!

Notice I taped the part that goes into the wall because it will more than likely get scratched up anyway. That part is called the throw latch and yes, I had to look that up!

How To Paint Metal Doors to Look Like Wood Did you know you can use any faux stain on a metal or fiberglass door to make it look like its made out of real hardwood? To see how I painted my metal back door, click here: The Easy Way To Paint Any Door To Look Like Wood

Renovated Faith: What’s in a Name? God never leaves a project half-done…He continually works on each one of us, as a lavish expression of His amazing love and grace. So many of my DIY projects remind me of how God renovates our hearts. If you are a work-in-progress, just like I am, check out the Renovate Your Faith Devotional at the bottom of this post. Click here to get a weekly reminder of new posts by email. Step 2: How to Paint Door Knobs (Prep Work) Sanding is probably the most important step in preparing to spray paint door knobs but here is my tip to make it easy and quick: I used my sander to sand down the doorknobs with a fine (higher number) sanding pad like you see in the video. I believe I used a 220. This is to rough up the surface so the slick metal adheres to the paint. It only took a few minutes with my sander and was so much more effective than sandpaper alone. (Click here to see my post on how to sand furniture in less than 5 minutes.) You’ll notice some etched places on the doorknob. These marks are not deep so the surface will still be smooth after they are spray painted.

☑️ BEST TIPS FOR SPRAY PAINTING – Here’s where you can get my all-time best tips for spray painting anything. They will save you time, money and ensure a beautiful finish every time. Get the password for the library with FREE printables including wall art, checklists, and templates by clicking here: HOW TO SPRAY PAINT ANYTHING Step 3: How to Clean Old Metal Hardware to Spray Paint Door Knobs You are going to wipe off the hardware after sanding anyway, so you might as well wipe it off with something that will remove any grease or grime that would prevent the paint from sticking. I mixed some TSP (click here for the current price) with water in a spray bottle according to the package directions and just wiped them clean. This step is optional but it will definitely help to ensure your paint sticks.

Getting Ready to Sell Your House?If you are refinishing old door hardware as a means to update your house for a quick sell, you can check out one of my most popular posts. In it, I describe 25+ updates for selling your home fast and a printable home staging checklist. Step 4: Painting Brass Hardware by Priming First “Can you spray paint door knobs that last?” Whether your hardware is brass or coated aluminum, we want MAXIMUM adhesion so you want to take the extra step of using an automotive primer (check the current price here) so the paint really sticks to the doorknob. This is the magic step that will make your doorknobs’ finish last for years to come. The automotive primer is a much more heavy-duty version of regular primer. As you see in the video, be sure to shake the can well and spray the surface lightly. This is one of the few times that a little is better than a lot. For my BEST spray painting tips for a flawless finish every time, check out the form below. I used boxes and some egg crate material I had on-hand to hold the doorknobs in place. (You can get egg crate material at any home improvement store but styrofoam or old boxes are a cheaper option).

Don’t forget to spray the underside part of the knob. Check the back of your can for the re-coat time. Mine said to re-coat in less than 2 hours or to wait past 48 hours. So, I waited about 30 minutes to spray paint the doorknobs. (I did all the priming and spray painting the same day.) Step 5: Spray Paint Door Knobs with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint After letting the primer dry a few hours, I started to paint the doorknobs. The Best Spray Paint for Door Knobs The best spray paint for doorknobs or cabinets is Rustoleum Universal Metallics (Check the current price here). They have a really nice durable finish and I’ve used this brand time after time with no complaints – even on a shower frame. I chose the Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish but you could also do matte black, satin nickel, or a champagne gold color. There are so many options in this line to choose from.

I spray painted the inside hardware on a paper plate.
I stuck the screws in a box to spray paint the tops.

If you are new to spray paint, no worries, my friend! You can download my free spray painting checklist that will help you spray paint like a pro in no time. See the form below! Just spray on a light coat and then wait about 30 minutes and do another light coat to finish up. Let them dry for 3 days. Trust me, it will be worth it! In the meantime…

Replacing Hinges and Strike Plates Now is a good time to replace your old hinges and strike plates while waiting for the doorknobs to dry. As I mentioned earlier in the post, these are parts of the hardware that are far more likely to be scratched. Since strike plates and hinges are both cheap, we are going to buy new ones.

For the hinges, you want to be sure to replace one at a time. Take one off, replace it, tighten it, and then replace the others one at a time. During our master bedroom makeover, I took off the door to paint, and taking all the hinges off at once made them unbalanced when I went to reinstall them. So, it would stay half-open until I took the time to adjust them.

CLICK HERE for the current price.

If any of your interior doors are out of balance and have a tendency to stay half-closed, then these magnetic doorstops will offer a solution without readjusting the hinges.

Step 6: Reinstall the Door Hardware After painting the door hardware, I reinstalled it being careful to not scratch the knobs as I screwed them in. I put a piece of painter’s tape around each knob to ensure this wouldn’t happen. After refinishing your old door hardware, you might notice that some of the paint in the middle of the screw heads might have come off when you installed them. You can just touch up those centers with a black sharpie!

Best Deals on Door Knobs If you decide to buy door knobs instead of replacing them, here are some options online. Door Knobs: Interior Door Knobs: Exterior

RENOVATE YOUR FAITH: God Delights in YOU This week, I’ve thought a lot about my blog’s purpose and audience. When I started this journey of blogging, I had every intention of being a faith blog with an occasional DIY or home decor post to keep things interesting. However, I realized that what energized me the most and what made my heart the happiest was the DIY posts. With these projects, I could be creative, work with my hands, and help people by finding a better way to improve some aspect of their home. I felt some false guilt about this. Part of me felt like a sell-out for no longer doing posts with only devotional content. Then something interesting happened. I start getting emails saying “I found your post about refinishing my side tables and came away with encouragement in my faith.” Or the email I got just a few minutes ago, “I was reading about tips to sell my home and the part at the end about God’s plans brought tears to my eyes.” I realized that this little blog was not only the documentation of DIY and home decor projects, but it was a way to help people by showing them God can transform ANY life circumstance. In the same way, you take a curb-side find and restore it into a beautiful showpiece with new purpose and new life, God can repair and renew you and me. God loves it when we use the very gifts and talents He gave us. He has given them to us for a reason and He delights in watching us enjoy them. Like a daddy watching his daughter play softball, He watches you intently saying “Atta girl (your name here)!” Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Colossians 3:23 So whether you are cleaning up spit-up, teaching middle schoolers, caring for your elderly parents, or spray painting door knobs, know that the God of all creation takes pleasure in watching you use your gifts and calling to serve Him. He has not forgotten about you. And He sees you, my friend. He knows you and takes delight in watching His children enjoy the very gifts He gave them. For more spiritual encouragement, click here for the rest of my project posts that also include Renovate Your Faith devotionals. FAQ’s: Refinishing Old Door Hardware What is the most important step in painting door hardware?You absolutely need to prime them with automotive primer. The only door knob that I didn’t prime started to peel. But 2 years later, all of the others look as good as they did when they were first painted!Can you spray paint door handles?You can absolutely use this same process to spray paint door handles. Just follow the instructions above for paingint door knobs but with one tiny change. When you go to prime and also spray paint the door knobs, you need to lay them face down at first. Spray them at intervals of 15-20 minutes until the underside of the handle is covered. Then, carefully flip them over and continue spraying light coats until the handles are cover with paint.Can you paint brass hardware?Most of the hardware on our doors is metal with a synthetic brass coating. However, someone asked me if you can paint brass hardware. You can absolutely use this same process for refinishing brass doorknobs but I would still buy new hinges.How To Spray Paint Door Knobs In Other ColorsYou can spray paint door knobs in any metallic color you choose. They look great in satin nickel or even gold. I would just recommend using a metallic color, specifically from this line: Rustoleum Universal Metallics Spray Paint (Click HERE for the Current Price.)Should door knobs match hinges?I asked this same question when refinishing my door hardware and it is really up to you. There is no hard and fast rule that door knobs should match hinges but it does look nice. Some door hinges are hardly noticeable so you might choose to leave those and replace the ones that are more noticeable.Does spray painting door hinges last?Like I said, spray paint door hinges doesn’t usually last as I’ve seen this on the kitchen cabinet hinges from our old house. Just bite the bullet and replace them with new. Fortunately, they are cheap with the link above!Can you chalk paint hardware?Someone asked me if they could chalk paint hardware. As you may know, I have some strong feelings about chalk paint (grin) but I wouldn’t paint hardware with chalk paint unless it was furniture knobs that you cleaned well, before chalk painting. Then spray paint the cabinet knobs with a clear matte sealant.Can you spray paint exterior door knobs without removing them?I wouldn’t spray paint interior doorknobs without removing them. But for exterior doors, as long as you taped over and covered all of the surrounding area (and I mean all of it), I don’t see why you couldn’t spray paint exterior door knobs or handles without removing them from the door.What About Other Colors? “Can You Change Gold Door Knobs to Silver?”A reader asked about other colors instead of just oil-rubbed bronze. Particularly she was wondering about changing brass or gold door knobs to silver. I really like Rustoleum Universal’s Satin Nickel as it is a really nice silver that is not too shiny. Just follow the same process above but with a gray automotive primer (like this one) and the silver spray paint. You can get it here: Rustoleum Metallics Matte SilverHow To Paint Around Door KnobsIf you need to paint around your door knobs without removing them, simply wrap them with my favorite painter’s tape : FrogTape for Delicate Surfaces

My Jake likes how they turned out too!

Now that you know the best process to ensure your hardware finish outlasts your house, go grab a screwdriver and start removing those old brass doorknobs! If you aren’t used to spray painting, I have good news! Find out all my best tips and spray painting hacks by downloading this free checklist of Best Spray Painting Tips and Tricks. Get the password for the library with all of my free printables including wall art, checklists, and templates by filling out this form: Related Posts to Spray Painting Door Knobs Light Fixture Makeovers with Spray Paint How to Spray Paint Mason Jars Best Spray Paint for Glass Why I Stopped Using Chalk Paint on Furniture How to Install Beadboard Wallpaper so It Looks Like the Real Thing Easy DIY Curtain Rods on a Budget Best Spray Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish Every Time How To Build a Farmhouse Table (A Beginner’s Guide!) Final Thoughts About Spray Painting Door Handles and Knobs Don’t forget to download my FREE Spray Painting Tips and Tricks. To get your printable, sign up for my weekly newsletter which also grants you free access to my resource library full of wall art printables, checklists, and project plans! Before this post, you may not have realized how much money you can save by spray painting door handles and knobs instead of buying new. Considering you will have to put in the work to replace them even if you buy, it’s not that much extra effort to spray paint them. This tutorial gives you a fail-proof way to spray paint your doorknobs fast so you can use your home renovation budget on more exciting details! WANT TO SAVE THIS FOR LATER? CLICK HERE TO SAVE THIS PIN TO YOUR FAVORITE PINTEREST BOARD

I love to hear your thoughts and questions regarding how to paint doorknobs! Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply! ❤️ Final Thoughts on Painting Door Hardware There are some home decor projects that you don’t mind spending some money on but less-exciting items like doorknobs, handles, and curtain rods are not where you want to blow your budget. This tutorial will show you how to paint the doorknobs so they outlast the house. Don’t forget to download your free spray painting tips above that will make the process of spray painting your doorknobs quick and painless. With all the money you have saved by spray painting door hardware, you know how more room in your budget for more exciting home decor! Blessings,

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How To Spray Paint Door Knobs, YouTube Video

How to Spray Paint Door Knobs That Last (Best Tips for Refinishing Old Door Hardware)Welcome to Renovated Faith, where I share about DIY projects, my faith and everything in between! When I’m not spending time with my family, you will find me redoing furniture in the garage or watering plants in my greenhouse. This blog is about transformation. Anyone can renovate a house but only God can transform our hearts!

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