Tips & Tools for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color

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A front door is one of the first things your guests see when they visit you. A front door can also make a huge impact in the overall beauty and curb appeal of your home. Since recently introducing our new Front Door Paint collection, we assist and help people answer questions on prepwork and proper tools to achieve the best front door.
Tip One: Architecture and Style

The design of a home can help guide you on a great choice of exterior colors that are appropriate for the home.

Tip Two: Coordination is Key

It’s important to also take into account many of the external factors. Roofing, landscaping and the various materials used to create the home, such as wood or brick, can significantly help guide the final color choice for a front door. Don't forget to consider other important elements such as shutters and trim.
Tip Three: Creating an Impact

Homeowners usually change the color of their front door every seven years. When choosing a new color, take advantage of the change to create the impact you’d like. Use your front door as blank canvas and get inspired!
The Perfect Tool for the Perfect Color

We offer 24 distinctive Front Door Paint colors, all created by using color theory, emerging trends and the emotional color wheel. Want to see which color is the right one for you? Try our free Front Door Paint Android App and Front Door Paint iPhone App to instantly see which color fits your door the best.


Front Door Paint was made to cover easily, dry quickly and NEVER fade. Be sure to check out our blog for more great tips on our Front Door Paint. Leave us an questions you'd like in the comments and be sure to share your projects with us!
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