Ugly Plain Closet Doors!

by Db
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I couldn’t look at these ugly doors any longer! I figured I have enough leftover paint supplies I can attempt to improve them. Anything would look better so I thought I would try the faux barn door look (if that fails I can always repaint!

Drab bi-pass closet doors

Wash down the doors and remove inset handles. That was easier than I thought it would be! Fill space with wood filler.

Next..I used a deglosser I had on hand, it may not be necessary since I am also going to use primer but I had it so I will use it. Following a thin coat of primer and dry time, I measured out where I want my “boards “ to be and used a level, then my pencil to draw my lines.

Then I taped off my larger boards that would be my frame.

I am using chalk paint since that is what I have been working with the most lately and I just love it. Starting with my darker color choice I painted those board frames and let them dry.

Next I measured and penciled in my thinner vertical “boards “. I used a yard stick , which by the way wasn’t exactly straight but no matter.. I figured cut wood isn’t that straight it? Well...if you have the right tools it might be, but no special tools here!

I used a 3inch brush for my larger boards and a 2inch brush for the thinner boards. Then proceed to paint the thin boards also with the dark color.

Next..the “magic” tool..if you don’t have one,get one,I promise you will use it more than once!

Now if you have ever used chalk paint then you know how fast it dries so you have to work in sections next. This tool has 2 sizes large and small. The large one is of course used for the wider boards and the small for..the smaller boards..Now I used the lighter paint sections I painted one board white ,then while the paint is wet drag the tool down across the wet pulls some paint away and leaves an awesome wood grain! Like magic! Follow through till done and when dry .. i darkened my straight lines with my pencil and used a q tip along the lines to soften them but still accentuate the lines.

Once done ..added new handles ! Now I have new doors! I love them!

This project can be very cheap if you have your paint already..if you don’t have spare , only purchase the sample size in your color choice since a little goes a long way with chalk paint.

Next..I might just paint all the doors in bedrooms!

Suggested materials:
  • Spare paint   (Any choice ..leftovers)
  • Lots of pencils   (Dollar store)
  • Grain tool   (Menards)
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  • Mar52905837 Mar52905837 on Sep 22, 2021

    What kind of board did you use and was it used for the boarder and middle of the doors?

  • Shirley Hines-Lee Shirley Hines-Lee on Sep 29, 2021

    Yay! I have the same dreaded doors in my kitchen. One side pantry the other broom, tools, hide it. There is a wall between. They are sorta used-to-be white, might be again if I reeaally worked on it. I've been thinking about wallpaper (got it on hand) but this looks so much more better! If I use latex and seal it I can wipe it down.

    The slightly not straight yard stick I have but don't have the wood graining tools though, any ideas for something on hand?

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  • Db Db on Sep 30, 2021

    I’m not sure..? Can you remove the mirrors? I would have to see a pic of what you have? Then I hope I can help…

  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Oct 05, 2021

    That's a really nice look