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Christi Joyce
by Christi Joyce
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We just moved into a fixer-upper which we plan on being our forever home. Like many people before us, we have been overwhelmed with all the 'priority' projects. One of the first, tho, was window coverings. Since I'm not sure how the decorating process will evolve, I decided to keep the coverings simple, but pretty.....and cheap!
Plain, white aluminum mini blind bought at Lowes for the kitchen window. Since kitchen windows tend to get grimy fast, they need to be easy to clean or inexpensive to replace. A prime candidate for this project. I set it across a rack that was on top of a couple saw-horses.
Next, I covered it with an old, machine lace table cloth. Note: this was not an heirloom, handmade table cloth. It was just an old, machine-made cloth.
Now the fun part. Light gray spray paint. I tried not to over-do it, because I didn't want the lace to stick to the blind.
Digital Lace
I wish the photo had turned out better. The soft gray of the paint is a gentle contrast to the white blind. It is pretty, without over-powering the senses.
One of the best parts? Since this was an inexpensive window covering for the kitchen window, I won't feel bad when in the future it needs to be replaced. :)
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  • Kim Coladonato Kim Coladonato on Apr 13, 2019

    Can I use a plastic window blind for this project?

  • Sheenkai Kilpatrick Sheenkai Kilpatrick on Apr 20, 2019

    Awesome idea!!

  • Shawn Norton Shawn Norton on Jul 27, 2021

    How to fix a faux wood widow blind that has frayed line .

    Is it possible to do add this stencil on wood also .

    What is a good option to cover my front doors glass area it takes up 3/4

    I have 3 small permanent windows that are in my front room they reflect on to my TV that can hide the picture what are my options .

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