EZ Stain Glass Windows

by DesertRose
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My husband purchased a beautiful stained glass bison for me in the spring. I have it hanging in a window in our sitting room. Across the room is an outside door with glass in the top I wanted to stain.
I love the stained glass look in our sitting room, and I have done faux stained glass many times in the past. However, all attempts to do the door top failed. It was not bright enough and not professional enough, in my opinion.
This was the start of the faux glass in the door. I tried coloring more sections, but it just did not look professional enough and the color looked washed out. I wiped it all off and started over. I ordered a pattern of the blue/green from a window supply on Amazon.
My husband helped me measure and cut it, but I especially wanted to show this because you can see how bright the coloring is on the film we used. It looks this bright in the house as well; it just doesn't show quite this deep in the finishing photos.
They look symmetrical, but window panels are all different sizes. I cut out a square and he put it up to the window and scored the exact shape with a table knife. Then he cut the scored section out with scissors.
The film attaches when the window is spritzed with a little water. He cut each piece a fraction of an inch larger than the actual pane and cut it in the final process using a utility knife. He did a perfect job and I love the look of both our stained glass pieces in our sitting room. One is real stained glass (the bison) and the other is faux stained glass but they look great! In an arid area where there is little color, these both brighten our lives with more color.
The straight on view has a shadow on it, and it is much brighter than it appears in the photo. The side views look a little better through the lens.
The left side view.
The right view.
This is a better view of the bright colors. I have most of the film left over for other projects so the actual cost would have been much less than the original investment to purchase a roll. I love the bright colors in our sitting room and both windows compliment our walls or drapes.
Suggested materials:
  • Window film cover   (Amazon or Walmart online)
  • Scissors or knife   (On hand or Walmart)
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  • Patricia Chambers Patricia Chambers on Oct 17, 2018

    I have Diamond shapes in my front and back doors , and I have been looking for something like that to help me the sun from shining so brightly in. Would this actually work?

  • Melody Boling Medlock Melody Boling Medlock on Oct 20, 2018

    Is this removable if it doesn't work out, you're a renter, you want to change or try a new color scheme?

  • Vanessa Vanessa on Oct 21, 2018

    VERY nice! How does it look from the outside? Do you have any pics of that?

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