Is the Curtain Industry Being Blinded Out By Blinds?

To show just why more and more people are turning away from them, here are some of the benefits that the modern day blind can offer.
They were once one of the only types of window treatments displayed on our estates but now, curtains seem to slowly be disappearing into oblivion. Admittedly, some people will swear by them and never see them completely vanishing off the face of the earth. The fact remains that the blinds industry is growing though; so much so that the vast majority of new-build homes will arrive with umpteen sets of installed blinds - without a curtain rail in sight.

As we highlighted above, we're by no means suggesting that the curtain market is dead and buried. However, to show just why more and more people are turning away from them, here are some of the benefits that the modern day blind can offer.

The lack of maintenance

During the hustle and bustle of trying to get our windows sorted, this might be an issue that is overlooked. However, after a few months of having your set of blinds or curtains installed - you'll quickly start to appreciate that maintenance is something that should have been considered during the buying stage.

Armed with a feather duster, or possibly a damp cloth on a particularly bad day, it will take minutes to clean a set of your standard window blinds. If we then take a look at the same situation for curtains, things take a turn for the considerably worse. Just like blinds, they also attract dust, but they are also targets for spills and other stains that can make them look an absolute eye-sore. Unfortunately, rather than a feather duster, this is something that will require a completely different process. They will have to be taken down, washed, dried, before being hung again. Suffice to say, unless you are something of a domestic goddess, this is a time-consuming process that few of us are able to cover in the space of a day.

The flexibility that blinds promote

It doesn’t matter which type of blinds you decide to purchase, the vast majority offer a huge degree of flexibility. Unlike curtains, which usually provide either a complete blackout or invasion of privacy, blinds can be altered to adjust to your room’s requirements. A turn of the slats can allow just a tiny portion of natural light to enter the room, whilst still maintaining your home’s privacy. Additionally, this flexibility is only increasing, with manufacturers releasing different materials, systems and more in the aim of allowing you to tinker with your blinds at a whim and tailor them to your preference.

Traditional or modern; they've got you sorted

While it is possible to purchase some modern-style curtains, they’re typically not seen as a chic item. Usually they are quite traditional, whereas blinds can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s wood or a synthetic material, it’s possible to combine different styles and devise something that suits the character of your overall home. For example, some might opt to have a set of rustic venetian blinds, whereas others might want a more contemporary set. The fact is that you have the power to achieve both with blinds.
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