Asked on Aug 01, 2013

Choosing Shutters for your Home

The most important aspect when selecting shutters is to make sure that they fit your style and represent what you are attempting to represent, be it traditional and meeting historical designs, or truly showing off your personality and interests.
With so many possibilities, there are some guidelines that may influence your choices such as colors, styles, and options.
Traditionally, shutters were purely functional in nature, before screens and even paned windows, so protection from the elements, privacy and security were a focal point. For this reason many homes had panel shutters on the downstairs to allow for a solid closure of the window opening. These homes would then often have louvered shutters on the upper floors to allow for the same sort of protection, but the functional louvers improved the ventilation and light.
While many homes are still built to a single style, more and more are becoming eclectic and modern, and even when adding on, styles become meshed. At Timberlane, we know that certain styles of homes seem to demand a specific type of shutter. And although we almost always recommend you to allow your own personal preferences to prevail, we've provided an architectural style guide, shown below, to help with your decision.
What kind of style home do you have and what type of shutters will you be placing on your home?
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What shutter styles go with what style home?
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  • Dahlia corella-ryle Dahlia corella-ryle on Aug 01, 2013
    Come on! Do you have anything for the eclectic, do-it-yourselfer, with a hammer, saw, nails and a pile of pallets? I might even have some paint around here.

  • Timberlane Shutters Timberlane Shutters on Aug 01, 2013
    Dahlia, we love your enthusiasm! Unfortunately, since we are a shutter company we do not promote creating your own shutters, hee hee. However, we do have a specific board on Pinterest called "DIY Shutter Ideas," that was created for the do-it-yourself types. It includes many different projects where you can use your old shutters. Check it out!

  • Simply Swider- Stephanie Simply Swider- Stephanie on Aug 02, 2013
    Thanks! This is timely. I've been trying to figure out what type of shutters to put on my colonial revival cookie cutter home.

  • Timberlane Shutters Timberlane Shutters on Aug 02, 2013
    You're certainly welcome, Stephanie. Be sure to visit our website and request a free catalog. Our shutter specialists are great when it comes to giving advice on which shutters to place on homes. You can give us a call at -1800-250-2221 at any time!

  • Mary Ann Boone Mary Ann Boone on Aug 02, 2013
    I have burgundy colored shutters. Any ideas of what color flowers would go good with this color? Salmon, yellow, pink...? Or should I paint them another color? Thanks!

  • Timberlane Shutters Timberlane Shutters on Aug 05, 2013
    Hi Mary Ann. What type of shutters do you have? If you have vinyl shutters, we would not recommend that you paint them at all, considering after one or two paint jobs they tend to chip and fade. As far as your burgundy shutters go, the colors that you suggest sound great but having yellow next to the deep color of burgundy will really stand out. We think that is your best bet!

  • Andre Beluchi Andre Beluchi on Mar 07, 2016
    Some new shutters or security screens would probably do for my windows. Due to the rainstorm last week, it blew of the old shutters that the previous homeowner installed. My thought is to replace them with some metal like security screens.

  • Jason Davis Jason Davis on Jun 01, 2016
    Wow..all Shutters are looking awesome. I would like to thank “”. Which made my dream home more beautiful.