Asked on Sep 10, 2014

UPDATE: Here's what I ended up doing with my bathroom window...

by Gu3mom
I wanted to hang something pretty on the lower half of my bathroom that provides the illusion of privacy but doesn't actually block the view. Although I had ruled out window film, I ended up going that way anyhow and I'm quite happy with the results. The pattern finally went on sale through Amazon so I was only gambling $7. Turns out money well spent!
q window treatment affordable ideas, window treatments, windows, AFTER in night time Went with window film after all The pattern is subtle and you pick up different looks depending on time of day and light source
AFTER in night time: Went with window film after all. The pattern is subtle and you pick up different looks depending on time of day and light source.
q window treatment affordable ideas, window treatments, windows, AFTER in daylight It doesn t completely obscure the outside The circle of stained glass hangs over
AFTER in daylight: It doesn't completely obscure the outside. (The circle of stained glass hangs over.)
q window treatment affordable ideas, window treatments, windows, This is my bathroom The 2nd story window looks out over our large private yard Given the height and location no one could actually look in so privacy isn t really an issue
This is my bathroom BEFORE. The 2nd-story window looks out over our large, private yard. Given the height and location, no one could actually look in so privacy isn't really an issue.
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  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Sep 10, 2014
    @Gu3mom have you checked out the faux stained glass paints? very easy to use and not expensive xx

    • Gu3mom Gu3mom on Sep 10, 2014
      @Chris aka monkey Thanks for telling me about this product. I'm not sure it's the right answer for THIS project but good to know about! :)

  • Opal Opal on Sep 11, 2014
    This is a lovely bathroom. Check on Amazon and Fire Mountain Gems for your cut crystal pieces, sometimes their bulk prices are better than the craft store. What about lace, either a half curtain or full OR use it as a stencil for a faux etching look on the window. A piece of scroll metal or wood. Depending upon what is under the window, a fireplace screen or a lower wall divider or even a plant stand. Amazon link: Fire Mountain link:

  • Bonnie Largent Bonnie Largent on Sep 11, 2014
    Absolutely LOVE it!! When the sun shines in, it must be beautiful!!

  • Marianne Marianne on Sep 11, 2014
    I would definitely go with the cut glass prisms. I would just start it and as time and $$'s permit I would just add more until it was the look I wanted.

  • Angela G Angela G on Sep 11, 2014
    Go to dollar general and pick up a lace curtain. Cheap and easy!

  • Debra Debra on Sep 11, 2014
    Try to google it with images, I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Pinterest is always good for ideas

  • Cecelia Cecelia on Sep 11, 2014
    You could use plexi and cover with clear or colored sea glass. Or, you could make your own stained glass on plexi with paints. Or, you could add shelves and use flame less candles staggered on the shelves with brass or bronze candle holders

  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Sep 11, 2014
    Pick up a large picture frame at a thrift store. Glue the glass in and glue in glass gems or lace or even dried ferns and flowers.

  • Vicki Menton Vicki Menton on Sep 11, 2014
    Look in the Christmas Garland aisle and you may find an upscale garland that would work. You could cut it to the length you need and then put clear nail polish on the cut end to keep it from unraveling. It will probably be plastic but you could get a sense for the look and decide if you want to make the investment to go with crystal drops for a more permanent look. Shop online as well and you may be able to find them for a more affordable price. Also, watch Craigslist for a chandelier someone wants to get rid of. If you have a Restore or thrift shop in your area is another good place to look. Let us know what you choose. That is a great look that would really compliment your beautiful view.

  • Patti @Hearth and Vine Patti @Hearth and Vine on Sep 11, 2014
    Check out a few antique shops in your area or maybe even online. They may have extra pieces of crystal from old chandeliers for sale on the cheap.

  • J J on Sep 11, 2014
    Not sure how much of a DIY-er you are, but shrinking plastic, like shrinky dinks, can be a fun inexpensive project. Just an is a great blog, it's for how to make jewelry, but you can create a very similar look as those crystals in that photo you posted.

  • Colleen H. Colleen H. on Sep 11, 2014
    Assuming that you want cut glass or crystal for the reflectivity &/or quality, buying at a hobby or craft shop *will* be expensive. Fire Mountain Gems and other online crystal sources will be better, but still pricey. You might have better luck looking for new or used crystal/glass beads/drops on eBay, especially if you don't mind getting them from China and taking 3 weeks to arrive. Alternately, look in thrift stores, swap meets, local garage sales, and on your local Craigslist for cut (or faceted) glass beads/drops or for old light fixtures having them. I did a quick Google search for beaded curtains because I thought that might be an option, and this looks like it might be a good resource: In addition to beaded curtains that you could cut up, they have 30' strands of crystal, glass, and acrylic garlands ranging in price from $6-$25 per strand. Also, you said no curtains, but what about a shear valance mounted over the lower section with a tension rod? Temporary, inexpensive, and easy to install/remove whenever you want. If you sew, it would be even cheaper. The sewing involves just 4 straight lines: Two 1/2" side seams sewn first, a smaller upper pocket wide enough to allow the rod to fit through, and a wider pocket seam at the bottom (you decide the preferred width -- usually 3-5"). Make sure to get enough fabric for *at least* 1/2 the width of your window + 2" in excess of the actual width of your window to allow for some drape + the side seams and add 6-10" to your length for your bottom hem's preferred width. The wider you buy the fabric the more folds you'll have in its drape, but that will also make the shear more opaque.

  • Lisa Lisa on Sep 11, 2014
    You could cover the bottom window pane with frosted glass film. They sell it local hardware stores. They have different designs, colors and even have ones that look like stained glass. It comes in a roll and you cut to fit. I used the regular frosted kind for my entry door that had a small window. For mine, I traced a monogram template onto the film and cut it out. Everyone always commented how great it looked.

  • Katherine Katherine on Sep 11, 2014
    How about a shutter look. Or a Tri-fold screen. Like the room dividers but tiny! I can see it with some artwork on the panels. You could also use a hammered metal panel.

  • Charlotte Amey Charlotte Amey on Sep 11, 2014
    There is a product art craft stores that is paint on stain glass. I cannot recall the name. It's super easy to use and is easily peeled off to change the design.

  • Joan Gondeck Joan Gondeck on Sep 11, 2014
    I used that product on my doors of my hutch. It still looks great after 15 years. I don't know how it would hold up in the sun. They have nice patterns too.

  • Nancy Jenkins Nancy Jenkins on Sep 11, 2014
    Getting newer windows is even expensive. Wanted to modernize my windows and was told it would cost for each window $900 CDN. Here where I live they want people to conserve on utility bills but window people do not concur. Stuck wit aluminum and older wood. I did hang suncatchers and crystals to catch sun in some windows.

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    • Nancy Jenkins Nancy Jenkins on Sep 13, 2014
      @Gu3mom That is expensive for me on limited income, unemployed. Unless I sell one of my expensive items I have for sale. Are crank windows secure?

  • Darbi Jacob Darbi Jacob on Sep 11, 2014
    What is your budget for the crystals you have shown? I actually have a bowl of tj and collect whenever I run into a few

  • Stephany Scoggins Stephany Scoggins on Sep 11, 2014
    If you like the crystal could go to the bead section of craft stores, like Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Hobby lobby has their beads on sale, half price, every three weeks. They have beautiful large ones with great colors. The coupon code will work online as well. You can also get good buys on ebay. You can string them or wire them fairly easily together. Another low cost option is to just use a curtain rod with fabric strips looped around it. Depending on the drop you want...just take a strip of pretty fabric, Double it, then loop the ends back through the folded portion. If you used semi sheer fabric it would let light through and appear as thick fringe. That would be lovely combined with the crystals and beads.

  • Peni Prince Peni Prince on Sep 11, 2014
    Christmas tree lights will illuminate, add sparkle and star quality to an other wise plan upstairs bathroom. Easy to acquire and inexpensive . The smaller the better. Can be purchased year round online. Add sheer curtains to tub area tie them back with a beautiful wide grosgrain ribbon for instant glamour. If it's a gent aliens bath area try using men's suiting material. A metal shutter on window or faux metal squares on calling again that word glamour comes to mind.

  • Starr Durrant Starr Durrant on Sep 11, 2014
    Stunning - love it!!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 11, 2014
    I would look for an old, small stained glass window and hang it from a chain from the inside top of the window sill. Or I would get an old window and put in some different colored glass, leaving some of the panes clear. You could even use some of that colored plastic that adheres glass.

  • Robin Dowden Robin Dowden on Sep 11, 2014
    I just had the same problem. You thought crystal would be expensive but I found a site through amazon called :WILD THINGS" and they only sell crystal and the choices are amazing and inexpensive. I am an Amazone Prime member so amazon directed me to "wild things" where I ordered beaded crystal diamond shaped crystal in a 6' LENGTH and I think 30" wide. I had so many crystal strands left over I could do another window. I measured my window cut crystal to length I wanted and slipped it into a thingy that hangs it. Wish I had a picture for you but check out Wild things and you will find something you will love. My cost $26.99. Love it.

  • Vicki Vicki on Sep 11, 2014
    I love it. I use see thru tan sheer curtain to hang with Christmas ball hooks with lead glass "prisms" beads that I used strong fishing line thru holes of beads to tie each bead. yes, it does consume time but worth it to make something pretty from ur own hands. ;-) yes, I have second darkened room drapes to cover for night time zzzzz. love those rainbows on the walls whenever there is sun to hit them.

  • Kay Ellen Tomlinson Kay Ellen Tomlinson on Sep 11, 2014
    @Gu3mom If this is a double hung window, I suggest having a stained or frosted (use Armour Etch (sp?) and a stencil, to replace the lower pane. You have the light, but standing next to the window at night or bright sun are not visible from the ground or neighboring homes. We have a frosted window on the lower and clear on the top and have lots of light in our east facing window. Our bath room is on the ground floor but the bottom of the window ia 9 ft above the actual ground level. We can open the upper and keep the lower closed assuring privacy.

  • Katharine S Katharine S on Sep 12, 2014
    You could put up a tension rod and hang a scarf or small square table cloth over the window.

  • Donna W Donna W on Sep 12, 2014
    I used glass beads (from Dollar Tree) on an old window that fit inside the bottom half of the bathroom window. You can e-6000 glue on as many as you want for the amount of privacy you desire there. Another idea is to glue on doilies. I did one with paper ones to use indoors. Again, glue on just as many as you need.

  • Donna W Donna W on Sep 12, 2014
    Someone on Ebay was selling crystals for around $20 for a hundred. You might check that out.

  • Lisa Lisa on Sep 13, 2014
    How about a tension rod that you could hang some potted plants from?

  • Connie K Connie K on Sep 15, 2014
    As others have said, the best place to look for crystals, craft items, etc. is online. If you do a 'search' on crystals, prisms, or whatever you want you will see loads of sites appear. Amazon, eBay, etc. can give great sources too. The frosted glass would be pretty but you may not want to etch you window since that would be permanent. However, you can buy frosted "film" some already cut or use a stencil and apply for the frosted effect. This would give you the look but is removable. Good luck. Looks like you have received lots of great ideas. Also, look around your home with "new" eyes and see what you may already have that will be beautiful, too. Necklaces, earrings hung on fishing line, same with pins and broaches. Good sources and inexpensive are yard sales and flea markets. If male in house, add some tie bars, money clips or cuff links.

  • Robin Dowden Robin Dowden on Sep 16, 2014
    I don't know how to send a picture. do you have a FB account or e-mail?

    • Gu3mom Gu3mom on Sep 17, 2014
      @Robin Dowden You can "follow" me and then send a private message. Does that help? Or, right below this 'reply' box are the words 'add photo(s)' which should also work.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Sep 19, 2014
    Would do a brass rod and soft white sheers at the sides going right to the floor. Could use a tassel tie back.

  • Gu3mom Gu3mom on Sep 27, 2014
    Thanks for all the ideas!! For now, I'm going to use this stained glass piece that I already owned but forgot I had!

  • Maria Maria on Dec 10, 2014
    It is always nice to find you already have something in your home that you can re-purpose for a new project. I did that with some small shutters in a bedroom window. You can control how much light and privacy you want at any given time.

  • Dolores D Dolores D on Feb 28, 2015
    If you would like to use a lacy doily, look in thrift stores. You might also find crystals on old light fixtures at thrift stores or garage sales.