Stain Glass With Glue And Paint

Pour regular acrylic paint into Elmer’s glue to outline the design, then paint in your creation. Get tutorial here

Combine Resin And Tissue Paper

Draw out your design outline first, cut out ovals in stacked tissue paper, and adhere with decoupage. Get tutorial here

Mix Broken Glass With Marbles

Put flat marbles as the center of the flower, line with broken glass, and use E6000. Get tutorial here

Make A Marbled Monogram

Clean down the glass, outline the stencil, and fill in the monogram. Get tutorial here

Show Off Your Patriotic Pride

X-acto knife out star image and use painter’s tape to paint in the stripes. Get tutorial here

Imprint On Glass With Etching

Purchase a decorative stencil, press against the window, and coat in etching cream. Get tutorial here

Use Fabric Paint For Window Clings

Place the image underneath sheet protectors, and color in the image with fabric puffy paint. Get tutorial here

Restore An Old Window With Butterflies

Attach clingy stick ons of butterflies, and coat in glazing the frame of the window. Get tutorial here

Block Out Light With Frosted Spray Paint

Stretch painter’s tape for the area you want to be clear and spray frosted paint over the exposed glass. Get tutorial here