Mosaic Screen to hide Air Conditioner

Wall art 5 days ago
When we built a new side yard patio, the location of our air conditioner was less than ideal. So I smashed old plates, cut up old mirror and pieces of stained glass, to make a two sided mosaic screen that picks up the colors of the surrounding hostas.

The cream colored grout is sealed, old fence posts were used as the ends and the whole thing is movable in case we have to get at the air conditioner. It's much nicer to look at than the grey turbine.

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  • Debbi W

  • Sharon Tillman
    Sharon Tillman Nashville, GA
    Keep the fence/short wall about a foot away from the unit; 3" is NOT enough air-circulation space or you will burn your unit out in short order
  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX
    Great job!
  • Jean
    Jean Butte, MT
    Very nice, Bliss! Thanks for adding my breadbox to your "hideaway" board!
  • Diane B
    Diane B Dublin, GA
    Impressed by your creativity. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more fab projects from you.
  • Gabriel D
    Gabriel D Canada
    Impressive work. Love the design and colours.
    • Bliss R
      Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
      Gabriel D why thank you Gabriel. I figured I didn't have anything to loose, nothing could look worse than the ugly air unit!
  • Larose LoganOakes
    Larose LoganOakes Annandale, VA
    Wow! What a terrific idea and it turned out G~o~r~g~e~o~u~s! It's like a fireplace screen only so much prettier.Well done! Have you thought about doing this for profit? I don't know if anyone is doing this or not but someone should be.
    • Bliss R
      Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
      Larose LoganOakes I'm familiar with Etsy. Those air conditioner panels are very heavy, not to mention they would have to be crated to ship. Guess I'm too lazy to have any
  • Carol Tomlin
    Carol Tomlin Spencer, MA
    WOW ! Love this !
  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor Peoria, AZ
    I want to make a lattice one does anyone know of a good video to watch?
  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Santa Ana, CA
    Very nice idea indeed. You have applied a fine idea to hide the air conditioner and giving the space a chic look. Well done. I would like to ask a question here. Have you done all by yourself or did you have to hire an expert for pasting all those pieces
    • Bliss R
      Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
      Jay Taylor all the gluing with my own two hands. The build was by my husband.
  • Rose Henderson
    Rose Henderson Provo, UT
    This is such a nice idea on how to hide the unit! They do kind of stick out from the rest of the home, don't they? I couldn't live without my air conditioning unit though. I might try something like this at my place to add some aesthetic appeal to the
  • Arlene Powers
    Arlene Powers Harrisburg, PA
    What a great, original idea. Love the colors and sparkle.
  • Mike Krause
    Mike Krause Staten Island, NY
    Reallybrilliant & unique idea, sometimes the outer unit looks reallyugly. I would really like to implement this in my home. Thanks a lotfor sharing this inspiring idea.
  • Ms. M
    Ms. M Clarkston, WA
    This is beautiful! Such a great way to screen an ugly air conditioner! :-D
  • Patricia Clark
    Patricia Clark Downey, CA
    What did you use to attach the mosaic pieces? Grout?
    • Bliss R
      Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
      Patricia Clark First the pieces were attached to cement board with a clear waterproof silicone glue in a tube. After that dries they are grouted in and sealed.
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