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Mosaic Screen to hide Air Conditioner

When we built a new side yard patio, the location of our air conditioner was less than ideal. So I smashed old plates, cut up old mirror and pieces of stained glass, to make a two sided mosaic screen that picks up the colors of the surrounding hostas.
The cream colored grout is sealed, old fence posts were used as the ends and the whole thing is movable in case we have to get at the air conditioner. It's much nicer to look at than the grey turbine.

To see more: http://blissranch.blogspot.com/

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  • June
    June Harvey, LA

    I love this idea you can mimic the color scheme of your home to reflect in the stain glass. OMGOSH I am doing this in this in the next house.

  • Tina Hesse
    Tina Hesse Savannah, GA

    doesn't this stop air flow for the unit?

    • Bliss R
      Bliss R Minneapolis, MN

      Nope. It's not right against the unit or the walls, or the ground.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Lafayette, TN


  • Bonita Schoonover

    Beautiful but not a good idea. The unit has to have circulation all around it for it to work proper by doing stuff like this only makes you having to have your unit not to work right. Trust me I know just letting you know! Caution

  • Bliss R
    Bliss R Minneapolis, MN

    It's been there for 5 years has three feet all the way around inside and three feet on the back two walls. It is only two sided, there is plenty of circulation, trust me I know.

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