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Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $12.00 Difficulty: Easy
  • hide your thermostat

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    • The problem there might be quick access to the keypad to turn off the alarm. Maybe a hinged picture like the ones used to cover a safe.
    • Fortunately I can access this with my phone. Thank you. Think I will give it a try:)
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    • Yes it does need to be exposed! My husband is a N.A.T.E.certified HVAC tech and he says yes, it should not be covered in order to read the house temperature.
    • It seems like as long as the sides of it were still open to room air it would be OK. There is no vent on the front of most. Just the touch screen for setting it.

    • Anything that covers the thermostat in any way will impact it's function. Not a good idea here.
      Susan Susan  Catawba, VA · answered on Apr 19, 2017 ·
    • The small pic doesn't encase the thermostat, it merely covers the front panel only. Ambient airflow is not impacted at all.
      Lynn Lynn  Bakersfield, CA · answered on Apr 19, 2017 ·
    • I agree. It is better to leave it that way.
    • Hmmmm my post disappeared...OH well...I am thinking now that the idea is planted ...why not get more creative for your home needs...How about a little chicken wire frame with a picture pinned to it to cover the thermostat face....or how about a small/med wreath with a large ribbon hanging over the face......I can keep going...but you get the idea...let's have fun...this is a cute idea...Thanks

      LINDA LINDA  Vista, CA · answered on Apr 21, 2017 ·
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  • Does this interfere with the temperature?
    • Good question. I'm wondering the same thing. It probably would if air can't circulate around.
      Cheryl Cheryl  Berwyn, PA · answered on Sep 25, 2016 ·
    • No
    • How do you keep it from shutting out the air?
    • Yes! Your thermostat needs to be able to measure the air temperature to run properly.
      Pam Pam  Maurice, IA · answered on Sep 25, 2016 ·
    • If covered it will measure the temperature of the wall, and that can be a rather expensive experience ...
    • This would be a good suggestion for people that don't have air-conditioning in the summer. Just leave the center cover off in the winter or possibly use a very thin material on the center cover that would allow air to circulate through it.
    • The small pic doesn't encase the thermosta, it merely covers only the front panel. Ambient airflow is not impacted at all.
      Lynn Lynn  Bakersfield, CA · answered on Apr 19, 2017 ·
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  • Sally
    Sally Georgetown, OH

    Will having something over the thermostat change its ability to regulate house temperature?

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      @Sally that will depend on the type of thermostat. Mine is digital and the sensor is on top so it doesn't block it from sensing the temp. I have the picture out from the thermostat so it still gets air flow. Ask your hvac tech about your particular

  • Sally
    Sally Georgetown, OH

    Dear Shabby, Thanks for the follow-up! I'm pretty short but nothing says I can't use a chair to check for the sensor. It will be fun to camouflage the thermostat. Who knows? The refrigerator might be next!

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      @Sally lol :) Some t-stats put off heat so you don't want the picture to hold heat and give a false reading so if you can use a long nail and have the picture hang away from it that should help. The sensor is usually on the inside of the t-stat but

  • Sally
    Sally Georgetown, OH

    Dear Shabby, Got a problem here. I NEED my refrigerator camouflaged! I'm too attracted to it as it is!
    The idea of long nails to keep your picture away from your thermostat (nails, gorilla glue and duct tape shall rule the world!). How do you change

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      @Sally you are cracking me up. I just take the smaller pic off. It is suspended by a wire so it isn't a big problem just to move it for a second. I rarely have to mess with mine because it is programmed for me ;) I'll have to think about a way to

  • Sally
    Sally Georgetown, OH

    Dear Shabby, the enlargement really helps. My bifocals and I thank you! I do like your creativity and will be shown as my idea to the folks here in Georgetown -- "Oh, I don't know. The idea just came to me!" That does sound better than I got it from

  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M Ocean Gate, NJ

    I love your idea! My thermostat is in a really obvious spot and it drives me crazy! I think I'm going to try to hang a few straw hats on a hook rack and work it out so that one hat covers the thermostat. Thanks for the inspiration :o)

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      The picture is hung off of the wall and doesn't touch the thermostat. I've had no issues and my husband is a HVAC specialist. Have you ever seen a lock box over a thermostat at a restaurant? It completely covers the thermostat except for a few

  • Adri
    Adri United Kingdom

    Why not upgrade your thermostat to a stylish and with integrated energy monitor:

  • Nikki
    Nikki Fenton, MO

    I love this but I am wondering if it keeps the thermostat from detecting the temp in the house and coming on when needed?

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      There is plenty of airflow, the picture is not touching the thermostat.

  • Vanessa Simmons

    I've seen this many times on pinterest and agree that you SHOULD not block your thermostat. You even have to be careful where you put the thermostat so it doesn't get hit by the sun, hot air or cold air but just normal air flowing around. I would

    • Christine Pardo
      Christine Pardo Fort Lauderdale, FL

      Maybe you should have explained where it reads from and how the picture hangs. Great idea !! Just folks did not connect the dots.

  • Diane Angulo
    Diane Angulo Estero, FL

    I have a large airy wreath over mine. It works well.

  • Margaret
    Margaret Rockwall, TX

    I really don't understand why the thermostat is considered ugly. It is a necessary piece of equipment - like a light switch or an electrical outlet. I have owned and operated an air conditioning company for over forty years. I can tell you

  • Betsy McCallum

    I prefer the simplistic look of the thermostat to the big frame and fake picture

  • Slee332485

    The thermostat should not be covered or surrounded by anything!

  • Joseph baldwin
    Joseph baldwin Concord, VA

    I am HVAC tech and can tell you this is not a good idea. It can cause too many problems with your HVAC unit.

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      And this picture doesn't touch the sensors on top of the tstat.

  • Karyn buffington
    Karyn buffington Statesville, NC

    I honestly do not find the thermostat to be an eyesore...any thermostat, any room. Sometimes function just must outweigh pretty. This is just my opinion, of course. I think the larger white frame around it would be sufficient decoration, if that is

  • Wendy Mcfarlin-Henderson
    Wendy Mcfarlin-Henderson Springfield, MO

    You should never cover your thermostat. It is designed to have air flow around it. It is what detects the temperature in your home and kicks the unit(s) off and on at the selected temperature setting.

    • Shabby Paints
      Shabby Paints Goodlettsville, TN

      No different than a lock box as long as your sensor isn't obstructed!

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