How to Build a Firepit - DIY Design

mammy 05.02.15
You can build a great firepit for all to enjoy in less than 30 minutes and for under $80!
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $80 Difficulty: Easy
It's easy to build a firepit in just minutes with some pavers and a fire bowl. In this case, it literally took longer to go pick up the supplies than it did to actually put it all together. Best of all, it's not a permanent fixture, so you can move it around if you need to.
If you are building this firepit on grass, you will want to be sure to dig out for the space. In this case, the fire pit was built right on top of the concrete patio by stacking pavers in a circle. Many people has asked if the heat from the fire could crack the concrete. We have not had any problems at all with this one since we are using a firebowl and stacked it high enough off the ground. The pavers are not adhered together so it still lets air breathe through the stones.
For a 35" firebowl as we used in this project, we needed 48 pavers and stacked them 4 layers high.
Once you stack your pavers, drop in the firebowl, add some spark and you're ready to go! I recommend of course building this in an open area so there are no trees directly above the fire. All of our supplies came from Lowe's and even after 3 years, the firepit is still holding up beautifully!

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  • Sarah Bishop
    Sarah Bishop Tulsa, OK
    Can it be built under a patio roof approx. 8 ft tall?

    • Robert Waldbauer
      Robert Waldbauer Wind Gap, PA
      Sarah Bishop I would say no -- heat rises, and fire temps are definitely high enough to ignite wood and plastic. Given the height of the project itself, that would put the fire
  • Mark B
    Mark B Akron, OH
    do you havea problem with bug/spiders making homes underneath it when it is not in use?
  • Dot McKeough Howard
    Dot McKeough Howard Lawrenceville, GA
    Beautiful and soooooo easy!
    RICK LANDERS Lexington, OK
  • Barbara Francis
    We have one three stones high and have had for many years. Ours works GREAT and have replaced the firepit once when wore out from using so much. Ours came with holes so drains well from all our rain...Just wish could use in summer! LOL!
  • GREENSTONE Recycled Stone Products
    Looks great!
  • Karen McClelland Farrell
    Nothing brings friends and family together like a firepit!
  • B Tishman
    B Tishman Chapmansboro, TN
    Where do you get the firebowl?
  • Vickie G
    Vickie G Clinton, MO
    Go to a Tractor Implement store or farmer etc., get a old tractor iron rim, then put blocks around this, this way fire will not be touching blocks, plus, never have conrete for base, It will explode, my husband seen it happen, boy scout camp of all
  • Ellora - Creatively Southern
    Hey all, just to update and answer a few questions from the comments... by the way, THANK YOU for the comments! :) It's been a little over a year since we installed this firepit and I'm happy to say it has held up wonderfully! The firebowl came from
  • Mama2_liza
    It´s a wondeful idea, I´ll make it in my yard.
  • Melody Drinkwater Wagner
    <3 the firepit! Also perfect to make for Halloween, the well, from the movie The Ring.
  • Joe Nardo
    The pavers are that cheap where it only cost u 80 to build this? I never priced them but for some reason i thought they were a lot more money considering you probably have about 48 pavers???? less than 2bucks a paver????
  • Madonna Drummond
    Madonna Drummond Dallas, OR
    We have had ours for years....looks as good as ever...never a problem !!
Ellora - Creatively Southern