• Stephen Andrew
    Stephen Andrew Powell, OH
    Brilliant. This is an awesome idea and executed so well. Thank you for not putting a chalkboard in it :)
  • Tracy Gilmore
    i recently bought napkins to do this , just need the time lol.
  • Susan Sheffield
    Susan Sheffield Ashville, AL
    I have a houndstooth boutique online with handmade and new. I do this very technique with houndstooth gift wrapping paper for picture frames, shelves, curio cabinet backs, and table tops. My customers love it.
  • Cyndi
    Cyndi Rocky Mount, NC
    I did a mirror with red striped napkins and I JUST LOVE IT. It was soooo easy. By the way, I love yours too.
  • Bella
    Bella Lathrop, CA
    What a great idea .............you're so clever!!! Thanks for sharing this idea.. I have some mirrors and have wanted to update them... Now I have one wonderful idea... Thanks again..............Blessings,
Alyssa @ Clever Nest